ebay scammers

  1. J

    I have been scammed on ebay by a seller selling virtual item (pirated game)

    I purchased a game (im not going to say the same) thinking it was real but turns out he was selling a pirated version of the game. He is selling over 200+ currently and ebay doesn't seem to care if the item is fake or not. Due to the game being a digitallly delivered good (sent to me via ebay...
  2. Bigblast

    Am I about to get scammed?

    Hello guys, I am selling an item on Ebay. I received a message from someone asking if I can post it internationally because he is in the army and wants to send his cousin a gift. He said he will pay via Paypal and cover the cost of the delivery. Once he pays me, can he somehow claim his money...
  3. H

    HOT!, New Nigerian Ebay Email method

    So I posted a few auctions and made a few bucks on ebay, More on this later in another thread. Of Course not all my buyers paid me right after the auction end, and some are now going on a week, like this one below. I got this email this morning, from one of my "Buyers", This is hilarious in...
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