e commerce

  1. nixonnixonnixon

    Need advice on launching a gray hat online store

    Hello, I have an idea to launch an online store with the transfer of applications via API or accepting payments directly on the site, I am interested in affiliate programs that issue these offers with connection documentation.
  2. dakudaddy

    E-com Clean Up For Ranking

    Hey I want suggestions from experts before taking action on my client's e-commerce website He is running e-com business in India and the USA, but he has 3 different sites .in, .com, .us. All sites have the same content they are using href lang to avoid duplicate content. They are redirecting...
  3. vfmseo

    A Full Stack Laravel Web Developer is At Your Service | E-Commerce Store | Custom Web Application | Software

    skype: live:.cid.544521023190e06 Gmail: [email protected]
  4. gowei

    help! - We can't put a value on our product. | Would you buy this product?

    Firstly sory for my bad english. As a company, we would like to get your valuable members' opinions on an issue on which we are undecided. We need your help with pricing for our new product with wireless charger as well as night light features. While this product allows you to easily charge...
  5. L

    Ways to make money with my Pinterest Food audience

    I have a Pinterest account, i share recipe videos I have over 3.5k followers and 1.6Millions monthly views I tried keto affiliate recipe but it doesn’t work The conversation rate is low And I think maybe my audience isn’t interested in this kind a stuff And i have i idea to create a e-commerce...
  6. A

    is worthy if i create website like amazon?

    hello im thinking to buy a web like amazon but i have some question: 1 - Can i have success if i sponsored it just 10k euro in all social media? 2 - Is good option to add for example if somebody needs to be seller im going to get them a % if they sell a product 3 - is good to add ads from...

    $13 and generated 320 clicks..but..

    Hi guys I tested a ring that costs $20 with tiktok ads (EU) first time I spend $13 and generated 47k impressions and 320 clicks currently But no sales yet. Website is well designed one too. What do you think? shall i try different product or shall i wait?
  8. Gial

    What is the best way to sell digital products ?

    Hello guys i am about to start a store selling digital products(lets say keys) What do you think is the best way and the best platform ? What do you think are the main difference between this and selling physical products ?
  9. AndreiDoesMarketing

    Shopify alternative - need help

    I have a 1 product site. Is there any cheap alternative to have a e commerce store and card payment processor apart from shopify ( Shopify Basic costs $29 monthly (and 2.9% + 30¢ per transaction). The Shopify plan is $79 monthly (and 2.6% + 30¢ per transaction) or should I stick with that ...
  10. A

    Amazon associate store

    Hey! So Im planning on hiring someone to make me a amazon store. I found 2 people. Would you help me choose between these two? Which sample looks better? Which deal looks better? I would do everything myself, but I dont have time and knowledge right now to set everything up. One is 65$...
  11. R

    Shopify Stripe what the Heck!?

    Is there a way for a NON US to open a Stripe account for Shopify? because I saw comments that Stripe does not allow payoneer anymore and I don't want to use stripe atlas. Is it true about Payoneer and if so,is there another way? Please help Blackhatters!
  12. B

    New to BHW

    Hello everyone, New to this forum. I first thought that it was a place for dark digital marketers but I was quite surprised to see how much the forum values the efforts of their peers in this field, outside and inside the forum. It seems quite white hat to me. Good thing, I believe. I'm new...
  13. N

    Best FREE e-commerce theme for Waches.

    Hi, I want to setup an eye catching and SEO friendly website to sell watches online. Watches will be for Men, Women and unisex. I want to display hundreds of very high quality replica watches to sell. Can you suggest me the best FREE e-commerce theme to use? Theme should allow to display x-large...
  14. vibezone

    Looking for a Google Adword Pro 500 $ per day

    Im looking for someone with good and professionell experience in google adwords who can push always every day my shop with his skills i wll pay you in bitcoin looking for long term work only members with good reviews and skills. scammers stay away !
  15. Weddingmatt

    E Commerce Website

    Hi all I am weddingmatt and i have e-commerce website for women clothing, accessories, beauty products and more. please explain me what i do in seo. my website is weddingmatt.com
  16. redmoon

    Best platform/script for an e-commerce site?

    I was starting an e-commerce site & wanted to know which cms or script was the best to use. I was looking for something that was... 1. Easy to customize and update. 2. Automatically keeps track of inventory after sales. 3. Has built in S.E.O. features. 4. Secure and not easily compromised. Do...
  17. webmasterbd

    Affordable High Quality Logo,Banner,Web Design,Web Development And E-Commerce Service

  18. A

    Best Web Platform for creating e-commerce site?

    Hi Guys, What do you think is the best platform for creating an E-commerce website? Joomla? Wordpress? Drupal?
  19. G

    Dropshipping Clothes From Aliexpress For Fashion E-Commerce Site

    Hi BHW Users I am going to start a fashion e commerce website. I was wondering what its like to drop ship from stores on aliexpress. How long does it take to get to Europe & US from China? Thanks! //
  20. M

    Need Help!!!

    Hi, i'm about to start a web e commerce to sell some products but i have a problem, i don't know what kind of scripts is the best for that. anyway, any advice ?
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