1. Z

    Help Needed: Bing Unexpectedly Removed My Website from Search Results

    I manage a website that receives traffic from DuckDuckGo and Bing. Recently, Bing unexpectedly removed my site from their search results without any warning or notification. Additionally, there are no messages about this issue in the Bing Webmaster console. I have already reached out to Bing...
  2. deepblack

    Why am I not ranking for Google but for other search engines

    Hello, my site is in the health niche with about 25 pages which discuss different topics. Each article has at least 1k words, mostly around 2k. "Google loves quality content". Of course, google hates my content. I only get about 5% of my traffic from google. Over 70% is duckduckgo, 17% bing...
  3. tazarbm

    2 unrelated questions

    Hi everyone, I have 2 random, totally unrelated questions that are bugging me, so here it goes... 1) does anyone know whether DuckDuckGo have been purchased by Google yet? The reason I'm asking this is because until a month or so ago I would usually get different results in DDG vs Google, but...
  4. crissdinesh

    Favicon on Web Version Google Search Results

    Hello BHW! Before Google, the DuckDuckGo & Yandex search engines had started to show favicon on search results. Then Google is also doing the same. Previously, it was for mobile version and now they rolled out for web version in this January 2020 core update. Next, is emoji's in URL (in...
  5. OlafRustle

    Duck Duck Go is an affiliate site.

    I have just found this in Duck Duck Go under Ads: Affiliate revenue DuckDuckGo is part of the affiliate programs of the eCommerce websites Amazon and eBay. When you visit those sites through DuckDuckGo, including when using !bangs, and subsequently make a purchase, we receive a small...
  6. crissdinesh

    DuckDuckGo will be the Default search engine on Android in EU

    Hello Bloggers, DuckDuckGo will soon be offered as an option for default search engine on Android devices across the EU. Source: Will this affect AdSense publishers? Because I...
  7. Hello Fello

    DuckDuckGo - Going to beat Google soon?

    DuckDuckGo is increasing at a badass rate. What's your thought. Is it going to beat google in the next couple of years?
  8. Starblazer

    Ranking on Bing and Duckduckgo but nowhere on Google

    I have an article that ranked on page 2 of Duckduckgo and page 6 of Bing for a keyword (KD 61). But it is nowhere on Google. The competition is enormous. Many DA >70 news sites compete for it. The traffic is high (~5 million searches per month). I've once reached page 6 of Google in last...
  9. USA282

    I'm loving this browser called "Brave"

    For the last few months, I've been hearing all sorts of positive feedbacks regarding Brave browser. It claims not to save your data and blocks all type of trackers and ads which slows down your browsing experience. Just tried it for the first time few hours ago because my chrome was freezing a...
  10. hpscool

    10 Reasons For Using DuckDuckGo instead of Google

    Find this online.Any body here using duckduckgo and ther plugin to block google and facebook trackers Source:-
  11. Sean Curran

    Run DuckDuckGo Ads & exclude Bing/Yahoo?

    I know through Bing ads I can change the ad distribution to allow ads only on Bing/Yahoo. There's also an option to run ads on Bing/Yahoo and its syndicated partners like DuckDuckGo. But is there a way to do only run ads on DuckDuckGo? I found an article in 2016 that showed a workaround way to...
  12. Ezzocard

    What the best way advertise on DuckDuckGo?

    Hello, As I've read on DuckDuckGo, to place ads in their search I should run campaign in Bing or Yahoo. Is there an option to choose ads placement in Bing or Yahoo, like DuckDuckGo? Which one (Bing or Yahoo) is be better for this purpose?
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