duck duck go

  1. HenryObi

    What Do You Think About You?

    They say you is another Google killer that promises a lot. A little similar to DuckDuck Go. uses data from bing, yahoo, reddit, Twitter and other sources at least according to the link below. My site is already ranking on Bing, I can't wait for You to gain traction so I can start...
  2. Fendorian

    Duckduckgo future?

    Since we all know that Google making so hard to get into 1st organic search results (including fast-anwer boxes, ads etc..). I find it pretty much interesting to point this one out. Well we can easily see that more and more people thrive through private searches since all these big monopoly...
  3. Hello Fello

    DuckDuckGo - Going to beat Google soon?

    DuckDuckGo is increasing at a badass rate. What's your thought. Is it going to beat google in the next couple of years?
  4. xcalibur

    Fuck DuckDuckGo

    Fuck DuckDuckGo. DuckDuckGo keeps touting their holier than thou 'we don't track you' shit because that's the only thing they can say to be different. They have nothing disruptive or revolutionary to bring to the table. Hell, DuckDuckGo sources from Bing and Yahoo, you get same results when you...
  5. wize

    Good read on duck duck go..

    I use duck duck go as my default search engine. I also use google, because everything and everyone is on google, talk about a monopoly. I have copied this from an article I read that was posted on twitter. These are some of the points that resonate with me. 1 — Google tracks you. We don’t. 7...
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