1. J

    Being Drunk & on the Internet - What could Happen?

    So I Drink and buy stuff online, then wake up next day to find out what I Did. This Time I Bought a Travel Affiliate Website LOL thru iPage. DAMMMMMM I must have been Super High as Well. No Clue why I chose a Travel Booking Aff Site but I believe I can do this out 150.00 so Far and as a Clueless...
  2. Madruga

    Teaching girlfriends about IM; a HIT or a MISS; more about it, inside

    Well this is a complex question, because it should rely upon several (maybe critical) factors. But until I'll mention those, let's focus on the main question: Would you teach your girlfriend, how to bank with IM? Would you explain and spoon fed (or not) her in the first phases, how to bank in...
  3. C

    How to fail a test if your drunk

    http://img515.imageshack.us/i/threewaystofailadrunkte.mp4/ OMG the last one kills me.
  4. Seariz

    Q & A Time

    Ok, I'm tired of reading all the little questions going on all over the forum of what happened to this, and why wont this work, and 50,000 responses to it and most of them don't even have a real clue what is going on. Not to insult them or anything, I appreciate everyone helping out, that's what...
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