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  1. #IM

    Dropshipping Question

    Hi, I want to ask people experienced people on dropshipping field! Is there a site that sale products on dropshipping, but you don't have to pay for the price of the products that the customer bought or worring about shipping... the site take care of all, and at the end of the day they gave...
  2. ginoootje

    Dropship suppliers (EUROPE EDITION)

    Hey everyone, I'm looking for in-house product suppliers in Europe. Things like electric blankets and electric heaters are what I'm specifically looking for. I have looked at options like BigBuy but they had bad reviews on this forum. I would love to hear it if someone here does use BigBuy...
  3. blackhatfanatic69

    Ask Me Anything About Ecommerce and Dropshipping

    Hello Everyone, I'm an Ecommerce and Dropshipping Coach and would love to answer anything related to eCommerce, Dropshipping, or even SEO. Comment down below for your questions, and i will answer it. Thank you
  4. kribis

    amazon emailed me a warning for using amazon as a supplier! help

    hey there. im an ebay dropshipper and i use amazon as a supplier. lately i got many sales but amazon send me a warning email here is the message: We have noticed that you purchased products from you Amazon account for the purpose of resale, rental, or to ship such products to your customers...
  5. Patchy420

    What is the best way to test a dropshipping product on facebook ads?

    There are plenty of ways to test and i can't seem to find a good one
  6. LeviAckkerman

    Dropshipping in Europe is still worth in 2022?

    Hello, I want to start a dropshipping business but only in EU, I know I need a supplier it may be from China because of the low prices, tell me your opinion about this. I have 2k EUR for start, I'm looking for Amazon Europe dropshipping or others, please tell me your opinions and any tips...
  7. carewebsoft

    High Profitable Professional Dropshipping Store ✅ Complete Ready To Start Business at 299$ ✅

    For Inquiry/Order/Sample/Update Contact Now In BHW Email: [email protected] Skype: https://join.skype.com/invite/xRDRwmusua9N
  8. N

    Does anyone know good Dropshipping Suppliers / Sourcing Agents?

    Hi All, I recently started my dropshipping store a few days ago and I am seeing relative success with a few sales and very low adspend, with about 60% operating margin. At this stage, I am looking for a long term business relationship with a supplier and/ or a sourcing agent to improve the...
  9. saidi3992


    i'll really use your help guys i need a vcc for my ebay account am from morocco and the website i was using to get vcc is not working anymore with my country can you tell me where i can get one thank's already :]
  10. A

    [NEWBIE HELP] Products and Suppliers, How do i facilitate the product transfer between the supplier and the customer?

    Hi, I want to start a dropshipping business but I have few questions. Supposed I'm interested in selling watches, do I have to purchase that product in advance and display it on my e-com store and ship it to the client who purchased it? Won't it result in the double shipping cost? Should I...
  11. ruforavishnu

    Comparing dropship based profit v/s affiliate marketing based profit

    To introduce me, I am a beginner dropshipper and have been associated with the dropship community within reddit and facebook for around 14-15 months now. My question is purely from a financial standpoint. For a good dropshipper who uses FB ads to generate revenue he would have a financial...
  12. d0n

    Ways to use my Shopify skills in 2021?

    So, a couple years ago I built my first Shopify store dropshipping dog products. This store failed, but I gained Shopify skills from it. I know how to set up a Shopify store, and add different apps and plugins, as well as set it up for dropshipping with aliexpress and stuff. Any suggestions on...
  13. IlyesPoke

    Custom FIFA Cards

    Hi everyone, Does anyone know where to get these dropshipping sites so they can sell cards like this? Thanks in advance.
  14. Tanki Faruk

    (Dropshipping JV) Looking for ebay, amazon,etsy seller and as many dropshippers as possible to sell a Turkish Lamps product (handicraft)

    Hi there,We have been dealing with Turkish lamps for an average of 25 years.These products are generally sold to tourists coming to Turkey.I can say it has a serious profit margin. We manufacture it and therefore it is cheaper,we need people to market our products.The products are handcrafted...
  15. Narcif

    [Business consultation] Opening a store for an online Personality brand

    Hey imagine 2 scenarios : 1) you contact a personal brand ( For example Yoga with Adriene) and offered them to build a website with merchandise of that brand i.e customized products that fit to that brand ( You're sourcing them, building ads building the website handling refunds all of the...
  16. 0xPikolo

    ePacked shipping time ...

    we all faced at the start of the pandemic the high shipping time on the epacket, and everyone started avoiding epacket. But what about now ? is the epacket shipping time still high ?
  17. M

    Google merchant issue

    I'm a new dropshipper and unlike a lot of people, I went the google route instead of Facebook ads. But Google can be a pain in the a***** with all their regulations. I created a google merchant account and after listing my first 2 products the following message popped up: Account isn't eligible...
  18. summi

    [JV] Looking FB Ads expert for E com Drop shipping a million-dollar opportunity Daily Payment

    I need JV partner having experience in FB ads for the E com dropshipping store. I will invest all money FB ads expense, product expense, Shopify expense, etc manage the product delivery. You only need to do an FB advertisement. What's your Job Research Product Create good Shopify store...
  19. M

    Supplier listing

    Hi guys, I am EU supplier. My target right now is to get listed in most of dropshipping suppliers lists (like spocket, bigbuy etc) Do you know any lists for dropshipping suppliers? (just for EU) Thanks in advance for your help.
  20. Z

    Looking for USA suppliers site for dropshipping

    I am looking for Supplier sites based in the USA who can ship from the USA to my US and UK buyers. I don't like Aliexpress and please don't suggest it because many sellers are scammers and delivery time is more than 30 days.