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Aug 8, 2022
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Are you a dropshipping enthusiast with a verified UK eBay seller account, but facing challenges in product selection and promotion? If yes, then look no further! We're looking for JV on UK Ebay dropshipping business!

What We Offer
Comprehensive service – we manage aspects from product selection to driving traffic to your listings
Transform your store into a lucrative dropshipping business
No concerns about product choice or delivery logistics – leave it all to us

Profit-Sharing Model
We collaborate on a profit-sharing basis, where you receive 50% of the profit from each sale plus your initial investment

Why To Work With Us
Please contact us to explore our portfolio showcasing successful partnerships with our clients

Preparations From You
Must possess a UK seller account verified by phone, email, and official identity documents
The account should have a clean history with no prior restrictions from eBay
Initial investment around £500 (or below) to purchase dropshipping products

Do you need access to my account?

Yes, but rest assured, we utilize premium RDP and proxy for secure logins, ensuring a smooth eBay experience.

Are your products legal and compliant?
Absolutely! We only deal with 100% whitehat products, complete with tracking for delivery validation.

Worried about an initial investment?
No upfront service fees – your investment is solely for purchasing dropshipping products when we receive orders on your store

Need evidence of our service's success?
We provide a comprehensive portfolio demonstrating the effectiveness of our strategies. Contact us to take a look.

Do I need investment to get started?
Yes. Around £500 or below. But we are not scammers. (Please view the next question)

Do I need upfront investment before we start working together?
No, Your investment is only required when we receive an order on eBay, which is for purchasing dropshipping products.
I'm interested.

1)Since you don't have any reviews, you willing to cover the £500 with me in return for a solid review down the road?

2) how much should I realistically expect to make in profit per month?
for anyone interested please contact us
discord hqaccc
skype live:.cid.1a8a53c7dd9cecfb

this is a valuable change that you don't have to pay for ebay store management
If you do USA i'd be interested, i have $500 usd capital to begin and verified USA ebay i split 50% no problem pm me if you can
I am living in UK, I don't have a UK seller account but I can make one. I have my personal old account as buyer on eBay. I don't understand why it is necessary to have £500 since I only need it when receiving an order.
I'm interested. Can you tag ppl that have invested in your JV ... So they can vouch for you?

Thank you
I'm interested. Can you tag ppl that have invested in your JV ... So they can vouch for you?

Thank you
Hi! Thanks for your interest. As i already stated currently I'm not working with anyone from BHW but I'm in contact with few guys.
Probably would start from the very beginning of January.
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