dropshipping brainstorm

  1. H

    Attempt at reverse psychology

    Hello, I am a 19year old teen who has had an entrepreneur-like mindset for the past 5 years. At the moment I am in the mandatory army serving my country for 8 months. We are currently in isolation due to covid-19. Having a lot of free time has caused me to start learning about dropshipping- so...
  2. Johnny83

    Drop-shipping with Shopify/eBay still worth it? Any good niches?

    Hello, I have been debating on whether or not I should start a dropshipping business on Shopify OR eBay and if any of you would perhaps give me some in trend niche ideas. I have tried this in the past but with eBay and I made around a 100$ profit in about 3 days but the fees ended leaving me...
  3. McHenzy

    [GUIDE] Easy How to Increase Dropshipping Website Conversion Rate

    Not good at intros, so straight to the point. I have noticed that the predominant problem for dropshippers are: 1. Why my ads ain't converting? 2. How do I get a profitable niche to dropship on? I will like to answer to the best of my knowledge question 1, your input is required if you think...
  4. D

    Dropshipping tips

    Hi! This year I decided to focus on dropshipping on eBay (from amazon). I have been having several orders per week, but stumbled upon some issues. First of all, my ebay account was suspended until I verified it, so I had to call them. The second thing was, when ordering my first product on...