1. 2richtospeak

    How do i get to create and verify an account on 1688?

    Hi guys, I've been trying to start a dropshipping business since last month, having read an article that items on 1688 are cheaper compared to Aliexpress. I am actually building a large but kinda specific niche, i am yet to complete it. So far i have gotten my first 3 orders even before...
  2. kmario

    Shopify dropshipping payment gateway without company registration

    Hi is there any payment gateway that I can integrate with Shopify without company registration? for non-us citizen and no-EU. Any good providers rather than 2checkout, Thank you !!!
  3. Megawatz

    ESuper easy way to write product descriptions...

    Hey guys, This simple method can be used for dropshiping product descriptions, review sites, even general blog posts - with some creativity. For this example, I'm going to show you how I write my descriptions for my ecommerce store. So you probably already know that in order to sell...
  4. S

    Hello , I'm new here but where can I search for courses?

    A bit about Me: I trade Penny stocks and I dropship on the side. I like to learn new things and search this place to find those new things. The problem? I'm new. Care to help? -- Any other penny stock trader or dropshippers?
  5. sinosource

    Using an Insider in China for Product-sourcing & Dropshipping

    Hello, Many who are engaged in dropshipping -- or would like to be -- are looking for the kinds of products made in China that are typically found for sale on retail marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, Wish, and so on. It is widely known that such products can be procured on Chinese online...
  6. V

    Any one have list of best 'UK' Dropshippers for Amazon, Ebay sellers

    Please Someone provide me list of best United Kingdom 'UK' Dropshippers for Amazon, Ebay sellers
  7. jeffro89

    Dropshippers - anyone heard of Wholesaledeals.co.uk

    Saw their add on FB so clicked it and went over to their site which seems to be just some wholesale/dropshipping directory. It seems to be mainly UK based. Interested to hear from anyone who used them or used them. https://www.wholesaledeals.co.uk/
  8. stalaggh

    Starting my dropshipping journey. Important question to ask.

    Hello! I decided to start my own dropshipping store (aliexpress + shopify) and there's one thing that bothers me. Is it necessary to contact suppliers before selling their products? After some research, a lot of articles about dropshipping were making it look essential. So I decided to contact...
  9. aafable

    Vitamin Supplements Dropshipper Wholesaler needed!

    Hey guys it's my first time here on this specific forum. Anyways, I was wondering if anyone knows a dropshipper or distributer that are in the vitamin niche? I'm specifically interested in Omega 3 vitamins. USA preferred but not required. If you are a distributer/dropshipper, please reply to...
  10. H


    Hello We are looking for dropshippers in UK and US for the following products: Blackforest Souveniers including Blackforest Cake Mojama (Dried Tuna) All products are of course certified for UK and US.
  11. Nirman95

    Need! Worldwide Drop-Shippers - Branded Item (Perfume, Earphone, Blu-ray Films, Game Disk)

    I'm newly Started online selling. then I want Genuine branded items, worldwide drop shipping suppliers for Branded Perfume, Earphone, Blu-ray Films, Game Disk Specifically, Perfume Chanel Gucci Paco Rabanne ( One Million ) Tom Ford Earphones Apple Earpods Monster Beats by Dr. Dre (...
  12. RxAff

    My llist of dropshippers and retailers

    Hi for all sellers and noobs here. I want to start thread about dropshipper companies. And every week I will post one dropshipper from my list. Let's start it. today I want to share with furniture wholesale and dropshipping company They have quality home furnishings at affordable prices...
  13. M

    Looking for a dropshipper/wholesaler? Let me help!

    I have a $300 account with a supplier database just sitting here. I thought I'd put it to use and help those looking for new suppliers of whatever their niche is. What I need from you: The keyword you're looking for. That's it. It would be better if you were a little vague. "Baby bottles" will...
  14. I

    Quick Dropshipping Questions...

    Hi, My main business is selling musical instruments online. I currently just sell as an affiliate through Amazon but am looking to get into selling for a manufacturer that will drop ship. All I can seem to find (through my research online) are dropshipping networks that charge a fee of...
  15. abluo

    dropship opportunities

    Please checkout our website for full details, no experience needed, no investment needed, plenty of enthusiasm is needed though
  16. C

    UK Health Products Dropshipper - get On Board!!

    Hi I represent a UK Limited company, that supplies health products online in the UK. We are looking for resellers of the 100+ products in our catalog. We are the UK sole importers and distributors of "Nova Detox Foot Pads" and can offer very good markup for resellers. Im not sure how I would set...
  17. scudmissile


    moomstore Dropshipping NO CREDIT CARD REQUIRED NO NEED SIGNUP ACCOUNT, PAYMENT METHOD PAYPAL put a price you like and compare prices on ebay or any website satisfaction guaranteed, design thousand of products every month Jewelry & Watches Blue Triangle Round Italian Charm Watch, Sports Metal...
  18. benito

    Wholesale/Dropshipper KM Baja & Traxxas E-Maxx or E-Revo

    Hi guys, just like the title say, I can supply KM Baja & Traxxas E-Maxx or E-Revo and some other models (we can modify or upgrade accordingly). Please send me PM if you're interested. Thanks!!
  19. benito

    Need baby strollers dropshippers that will do international shipping?

    Hello, I'm a noob selling t-shirts in Ebay from UrbanLoad which turns out to be the same as artsnow (super vip affiliate site or something) and I'm getting sick of it coz the shipping takes FOREVER and they don't have tracking number. Claimed to be shipping from Compton, CA but then I discovered...
  20. E

    Pro Audio & Musical Instruments DRopShippers

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for any good Pro Audio & Musical Instruments dropshippers, so if you guys know any of those please let me know. It would be really appreciated Thanks
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