1. G

    Looking for suppliers - Eastern Europe

    Greetings y’all, I’ve been a member in BHW for a long time and gathered a lot of valuable info from you guys and now is the time when I need some help. Is there any suppliers in Eastern Europe, specially shipping to Romania with a fair shipping time ? It doesn’t matter what you sell, show me...
  2. rockpaperscissors

    Need a partner (Wholesale or Dropshipping)

    Luxury brand buttons and charms for sale. Available for dropshipping or wholesale pricing. Also looking for a partner to send traffic to my site. Will pay 50% of profits. Great earning potential! Please PM me for more details. Serious inquiries only, please.
  3. H

    I used to be good at dropshipping, now I am not. (story + advice)

    I started dropshipping back in late 2019 because my friends were doing it and made decent money around 1-2k a month. I created a basic shopify store within an hour and searched for products on ecom spy websites. I borrowed 100$ and within my first 5 ads (each 20$), one of the products was a...
  4. T

    I'm I doing it wrong?

    Hello, I have a cat niche droppshiping website but I don't have any sales lately. I've tried ads and have clicks but still nothing. I thought my designs were cute but how come no one buys it? Can you suggest some good advice how to get more conversions? I can also show my website too :(
  5. S

    paypal issues

    Hi guys im a dropshipper and i use paypal to recieve payments but all my accounts get limit when i recieve first 500$ can any one help me with the limits issues ?! thank u
  6. 0xPikolo

    ePacked shipping time ...

    we all faced at the start of the pandemic the high shipping time on the epacket, and everyone started avoiding epacket. But what about now ? is the epacket shipping time still high ?
  7. Mrz.Paul

    Can u guys suggest me the best use of facebook ads!

    Hello, I am planning to use Facebook ads but I am confused about, what can i promote? if i promote then it will be profitable? or is it a total waste? ..... Are there any other ways except dropshipping? Guys, please suggest me something if u could?
  8. J

    Best Alternatives to AliExpress & Orbelo?

    I do Shopify dropshipping with Aliexpress and Oberlo and if you have used them before you know the slow shipping times and lost tracking numbers that come with it. I decided I am going to secure a better supplier or service before scaling for Q4. Now the question is; what are the best...
  9. jongmr

    dropshipping agent

    hey im dropshipper and im looking for trustable dropshipping agent who buy for me and ship to the address i want and i want tracking number for each order. i can pay with bitcoin ,paypal(only paypal to paypal) and webmoney. i heard about cj dropshipping and i dont know i can trust them or not...
  10. Shubhankar Paranjape

    Is E-commerce/Dropshipping Dead? Here's your answer!

    Hello there, I recently did two posts on E-commerce/Dropshipping (linking below!) and received a common question- Is E-commerce/Dropshipping business model Dead? Post 1- https://www.blackhatworld.com/seo/shopify-based-dropshipping-with-fb-ads.1147476/ Post 2-...
  11. jongmr

    aliexpress issue

    hey im using aliexpress for dropshipping. i have a issue to make payment on aliexpress and when i click on place order i receive this error: for security reasons this process can not be countinued. to make sure your transaction is secure, please provide us with documentation by clicking my...
  12. survivorghost

    ✅ Dropshipping Canada Solution❓

    I am working with a guy in Canada to build multiple drop-shipping stores on different niches. The stores will target Canadian people. It is a good chance for me, because we are doing 50% profit, and I am only investing my time and effort, where he invest money and any physical task that is...
  13. vedeus

    Suppliers with shipping (2 to max 14 days)

    Hello wise people, I'm looking for some supplier websites, maybe services, that are shipping products in 2 - 14 days. Best would be if based in the US. I know how to find on Aliexpress suppliers that ship with Epocket but it's still 14-25 days which is a lot + there are some suppliers from US...
  14. Takurah

    Dropshipping JV WANTED | DEAD OR ALIVE (lol)

    Dropshipping JV WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE (lol) Your Traffic, Ad Skills or Sales Skills, + My Website/Brand and Gaming Niche | Drop shipping What I bring to the Table: Funding Ready/Available (know it’s Enough and disclosed in pm) A fully functioning Store Ad tested Fulfillment tested Fully...
  15. Metjoew

    New here, want to start Dropshipping!

    Hey I am new here, I looked around on this site and I really like it. I want to start dropshipping and know what I want to sell and who I want to sell to. Where I live waves are hot right now, a lot of people wear durags. The other day I saw one of the hottest rapper from my country wear a...
  16. trevell

    Need Dropshipper for EDM Apparel, LED Toys, & Music Festival Accessories

    I am looking for a dropshipper for Shopify to provide products such as what IHEARTRAVES has. LED Gloves, Diffractions Glasses, etc. Any help or info would be much appreciated!
  17. kurosaki4d

    Change Shipping origin address in Shopify

    Hello, I recently created a shopify store, while doing so i set my actual real address which is located in Europe. However, i want for my customers to see in their invoices a USA address instead of Europe so i want to change my address to a fake U.S address. That been said, i've heard some...
  18. Worrior

    Looking for Payment Processor and Drop Shipper for startup online Pharmacy.

    Hi Everyone, I have started a new online pharmacy store for which I am looking for reliable payment processor and drop shipper. Need expert advise from all senior members. Since I am a new to this business , All the guidance and related expert advise for this business is highly appreciated.
  19. D

    Dropshipping and Copyright infringement

    So, have been dropshipping for a couple of months now, and today encountered some issues regarding a copyright infringement. I listed a decoration product with a pet image photo, (imported from aliexpress seller through oberlo) and after some ads and one sale I received a DMCA Takedown Notice...
  20. denbydeals

    Hello, I am new here

    Hi all, I am new here and hope I can work with others and we can all work together. I am not here for fun, I am here as a business man in e commerce. Things I hope to achieve are the following: I would like to find a list of drop shippers where I can order a min. of 1 or more per transaction...
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