1. M

    Ebay with multiple account methods?

    Hello friends, Can you please share a bit of advice if you have multiple eBay accounts and they are working well for you? I plan to register another 3 accounts on eBay with my wifi and my best friend's name, I will ask them for permission of cause. 1. My wifi account will have the same address...
  2. R

    I'm new here Hello

    Hi everyone, Rodolfo Gago here, i'm starting a Dropshipping store, where is the best place to search for information?
  3. Asirir88

    How to promote a new woo commerce aliexpress drop shipping website

    I have made my first woo commerce site. How can I sell my items. What are the strategies can I use to sell my items ?
  4. Tanki Faruk

    (Dropshipping JV) Looking for ebay, amazon,etsy seller and as many dropshippers as possible to sell a Turkish Lamps product (handicraft)

    Hi there,We have been dealing with Turkish lamps for an average of 25 years.These products are generally sold to tourists coming to Turkey.I can say it has a serious profit margin. We manufacture it and therefore it is cheaper,we need people to market our products.The products are handcrafted...
  5. tuliosousa25

    [REQUEST] Dropshipping sheet control or plugin

    Hello BHW! I am needing something to better control my orders from Amazon, I use an excel sheet but I made that myself and I think it's not so good and I am not in the mood to improve that. If someone has a nice sheet control for dropshipping to share I will really appreciate it. Thank you...
  6. NProductions

    Setup a Dropshipping Website.

    HI , I wanted to work with a drop shipping expert - Developer. please send me the sites u have made which is doing good at the moment. i have a domain ready.. I need complete support - technically.
  7. Doctor Strange

    ePacket shipping time

    ePacket shipping time got screwed due to the pandemic. Isn't that got fixed yet still in September 2020? How much time is ePacket taking now from CN to US?
  8. MSF

    Selling Unique Profitable Ecom Assets

    I need a partner or two to join me in a quit a unique opportunity. As the title says, I have a kind of business related to dropshipping that is almost untouched with huge profit potential. Ideal partner will have fair understanding of E-commerce, Dropshipping and the overall process of...
  9. R

    Is my budget too low for audience data collection thru FB ads?

    G’day! I’m trying to build Women’s activewear brand thru dropshipping. I’ve got my supplier in the states and hired a videographer then made some videos, later I edited them and made a video which I want to promote on fb/insta to bring customers to my site. I’ve been running some ads for two...
  10. Tall_Mike

    Shopify Store - Need Advice

    What do you guys think of a Shopify store and brand that is centered around niche/novelty items? I thought this could be a good route to go since that way I could always add and remove the latest and hottest trending products and run the ads accordingly. I'd appreciate any thoughts or...
  11. D

    Need Adult Toys dropshipping store advice

    Hi there! One of my clients has an adult toys dropshipping store and right now he has no links, content but he is getting traffic and conversions from Google Images. (I know this is weird but this is the case) Now the thing is that he is asking me what's the best thing I can do for him. I have...
  12. I

    Ebay account suspended frequently

    Do you notice that these days ebay accounts get suspended frequently without any proper reasons?
  13. See you vader

    How you supply your products ?

    I have a general drop shipping store on Shopify that gets 100+ orders everyday of many different products. Can I find someone who can take care of this whole shipping and product finding thing ? How do you experienced Drop Shippers go about this ? I'm tired of having 25 different Aliexpress...
  14. Sandie2018

    A dropshipping plugin? Or a different solution?

    Hi guys, This will be a very newbie question, I suppose, but a crucial one. I have just finished my online store, which means I have products with descriptions, prices, etc. All items in my niche will be shipped from manufacturers. How do I make it all automatic? How do I notify a specific...
  15. See you vader

    Suppliers shipping to USA needed.

    I have 1000+ orders of a few products that need to be drop shipped to our customers, 95% of them are from the US, the rest are from UK, Australia and Canada. Any suppliers based in America or can ship to it ? Anyone can help me find a supplier in American or can ship the US ? We use Paypal...
  16. blinks

    [ASK] Supplier Print on Demand

    Hello all. I hope there is someone who can provide the best reference for printing suppliers?
  17. nabilox

    Facebook ads expert

    Hi Guys, I hope you're doing well one of my adset it been runing like 2 days and half, and i got a good cpm $20 and a cpc $0.50, and cost per purchase it was $7, 51 link clicks and 3 purchases, and i sell the product with more than $30, so the adset was profitable for me, but after that big...
  18. N

    My first dropshipping store - failed

    Hi there, I have recently started my first shopify dropshipping store. Its in the pet niche, I'm selling just a single product. I have followed Franklins Hatchett course. I have seen similar shops selling the same product and they seemed fairly successful. I have started the FB promotion last...
  19. N

    Anyone for help, to learn some ways of Online Earning!

    I m not too new in Online earnings, but i have problem because i make some mistakes, so i search for some who knows better than me, and to teach me on some stuff, or to tell me something what can i start from 0 to unlimited, so i know invest is needed so and for that i m ready....Soo...waiting...
  20. O

    Please Help me

    I run a drop shipping business with Shopify, Please I’m looking for a way to add image slider for my product page