1. rocknrollchef

    Website Hosting On Amazon S3 vs. Dreamhost

    Hello: I've been using Dreamhost a long time, but looking around at other hosting (too many viruses/hacks and downtimes, email problems etc.). Wondering if anyone here has used Amazon S3 for static (or dynamic) website hosting - emails, audio storage (they don't really allow podcast file...
  2. lalesk2001

    Does anyone can help me with DreamHost account?

    Hello BHW-ers. I have a problem with a clients DreamHost VPS accounts. The problem is that he has more than 650+ niche domains which are miss-typed URL's and on that way are generating traffic. 2 weeks ago, they banned the both accounts for too many complaints. We tried to contact them like...
  3. A

    60% Off on DreamHost

    Hii guys , Dreamhost is offering 60% off with 1 year domain registration free .. go to main site and add "/newyear60" after the URL Your promo code will be applied: newyear60 Thanks and Happy new year to all..
  4. K

    I believe Dreamhost is wrong.

    I've only had my VPS with them for 4 days. Yesterday my sites were down for hours, they stated it was bad ram and they fixed the issue. today my sites were down agian. This is the chat we had, I believe Dreamhost is wrong in what they told me. For the past 3 days my server averaged 11mb+ over a...
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