I believe Dreamhost is wrong.

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    I've only had my VPS with them for 4 days. Yesterday my sites were down for hours, they stated it was bad ram and they fixed the issue. today my sites were down agian. This is the chat we had, I believe Dreamhost is wrong in what they told me. For the past 3 days my server averaged 11mb+ over a 5min load. They are telling me there is no way it should be that low unless there is something wrong. I hit 148mb today, which is half of what I pay for. These sites average 50 visitors a month. They are not live, I do not market them, they are the bottom end of my list. I don't understand.
    Here is the chat, he tell's me Hits are Visitors and I'm geting 1000 Visitors to my main page today. There is no way that is correct, not even in bots.

    Here is the chat:
    oscar: Hi, how may I help you today?
    you: Hi, I checked about 2 hours ago and the memory of my vps was at 148mb. They said they had restarted it this morning and that's why the memory was so high but they fixed the issue. It's still running high.
    you: I have no traffic going to my vps yet and don't know why it's running like this. Yesterday my sites were down for a few hours and was told the system had bad ram and was replaced.
    oscar: 148MB isn't really high at all on a VPS
    oscar: let me look at your chat history
    you: I've only had it the past 4 day and the average has been very low until this morning.
    you: I am only guarenteed 300mb, so that is half of what I am paying for and I'm not using the vps at all
    oscar: Yeah it wasn't bad RAM. What happened was there was a spike in the load of the host machine. That caused the host machine server to become unresponsive and the host machine had to be rebooted. My apologies for the confusion since they didn't really explain what happened correctly
    you: I guess I don't understand why over the past 3 days the average has been around 6mb, but this morning i'm brining in over 100-150mb
    you: Most the domain's on this vps havn't had the dns switched and the ones that did get no traffic.
    oscar: Well, spikes can happen for different reasons. I can guarantee you that your using will never be at 6MB. If it is, something is wrong
    oscar: No VPS would ever be that low, unless you had absolutely nothing running on it
    oscar: Even at it's lowest it should usually use about 10-20MB
    you: Under manage resources, it show's me graph's of the average load. Can you see this.
    oscar: yes and you haven't been at 6
    oscar: your averaging about 11+
    you: That is quite diffrent than 100
    oscar: as of right now, you're using 56MB which is actually normal when your sites start to get traffic and more processes start
    you: The most these site's see is 7-10 user's a day. If I were to say get 200-500 I would be over the limit of my memory. Correct?
    oscar: So for today, you have had 1100 hits to grovecityinsider.com so it's very normal for your usage to go up. It's okay if it goes up as well. Remember you have a base of 30MB
    oscar: 300MB*
    oscar: 1053 /http/access.log
    oscar: actually looking at that again you have had close to 1400 hits today
    oscar: No, you would not be over your limit at 200-500 users
    oscar: the number of users doesn't correlate to the amount of RAM
    oscar: I think that
    oscar: is where you are getting confused
    you: I believe so
    you: What would make my ram usage increase?
    oscar: traffic increase, which leads to more php processes started which lead to more child processes started which consumes more RAm
    oscar: that's the general idea of how it functions
    oscar: Remember it's normal
    oscar: so don't expect your usage to stay <100MB
    oscar: the more traffic you get the higher the RAM used will be
    oscar: If you don't get any more traffic then your usage should hover at or below 100MB
    you: That's what I thought. But over the past 3 months these sites have had very little traffic/hits. 1400 Hits, not visitors is about what it get's in a month
    oscar: Well, that's what's showing from today only
    you: What happends when I hit 300mb? Do my sites not load or do i get overage fees?
    oscar: no overage fees, but your site would go down as there is no RAM left on the server to process your site or it's processes
    you: and, with a basic wordpress install that cache's it's files to send html instead of php processes. What traffic do you expect I can handle. I understand this is not a solid number, but just a general Idea if things work.
    oscar: that really depends on the traffic you get on average to your site
    oscar: if it stays between 1000-3000 hits you'll be fine with 300MB of ram
    you: Hits are not visitors so 1 visitor could get 300 hits correct? When am image loads, that's a hit, when a page load's that's a hit, when a modual on that page load's that's a hit. Hits can show 1000 but visitors would be far less.
    you: Am I correct?
    you: I just want to make sure I set this up properly. I do not want droped sites.
    you: And I really appreicate your time in explaining how the vps works.
    oscar: hits are visitors. A hit is caused by someone visiting your site. Both are taking into consideration. While you are correct that a hit would count for an image loading on your front page, you would need actual traffic to spawn a hit. So both go hand in hand and it's safe to say that those are number of visitors to your site
    oscar: not just "hits" as you previously understood them to be
    you: That is how my google analytics shows them to be. 10 Visitors, 1240 hits.
    you: A "hit" is not a visitor to the web site, but a hit on the web server. A hit on the web server can be a graphic, java applet, the html file, etc. So, if a site has 79 small graphics on the page, every visitor to the site registers as 80 hits on the server (79 graphics plus the html file). In this case, 80,000 hits translates to just 1,000 visitors. 
    you: This is not right?
    oscar: Actually it is. I have may confused you more with how i use hit/traffic. In this case 
    you actually have that much traffic not just hits. 
    oscar: for example, i am going to show you want's getting hit the most on your site
    oscar: this it actual traffic "not image hits"
    oscar: etc
    oscar:      1 /index.php/login
    oscar:      2 /login/
    oscar:      2 /wp-login.php
    oscar:      3 /sitemap.xml.gz
    oscar:      8 /robots.txt
    oscar:     24 /wp-cron.php
    oscar:    444 /modules/mod_wrapper/.system.php
    oscar:    954 /
    oscar: what you can see if / "which means your index page" getting hit that much
    oscar: the rest would be hits
    oscar: 444 / modules
    oscar: those are hits
    oscar: make sense?
    oscar: you also need to have enough RAM to provide for all of the "hits" on your site
    you: So, you said i have 1400 hits, which would be actual visits by people or bots.
    you: 954 visits to my index page
    oscar: right
    you: I don't want to disagree but There is no way that site is geting 954 hits today.
    you: visitors
    you: and that would mean 444 are just viewing the modual
    oscar: ok, well that's a different topic which you can analzye yourself using the state here
    oscar: stats*
    you: yesterday my system average was 11+mb, today the only thing I did was move the wordpress install. The dns was already redirected to point to the vps. It was showing a dreamhost, coming soon page. I move the wordpress install and instantaly get 1000 visits.
    you: Seams I have some reading to do, but 100mb is where I should hover unless i'm geting decent traffic
    you: I will keep an eye on that.
    you: Thanks for your time Oscar.
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    i didnt reat it all but stay away from dreamhost they suck big time.
    they ban my acount and ripme off with some domains 1 year ago
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    Can you explain more?

    I know they ban autoblogs and other black hat sites/domains, but I have some white hat sites at dreamhost and they have been a great web host so far, one of my favourite ones actually.
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    Mother Earth
    Sorry to hear that but my free 2 years dreamhost hosting which i'm using for antivirus update mirror, rapidleech, torrentflux, glype proxy, store my movies (about 100GB total), and another high consumption script
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    Hmm... so should I move my websites from dreamhosting? :|
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    Are you on shared, vps or dedicated I had another vps that had 4000mb dedicated and I never hit 150mb and I was pushing some decent traffic to it but it was only 1 site. The 300mb vps had 20ish domains tied to it but they receive no traffic as they are new.