1. Newbuzz

    Where can I buy Unique Indian Visitors For Website ?

    Where can I buy Unique Indian Visitors For Website ?
  2. M

    How 2 Get Instant Traffic??

    Does anyone know a method on how to drive instant traffic to my affiliate link? I met a guy online and he was able to generate instant real human traffic to my link and it converted. He said the traffic source was from social media. How did he do it?
  3. ShehuAB

    A First! Indian Hit converts to $1.4 on Lospollos


    Hitleap hits money to be made?

    I can create 1million plus clicks per month. My question is are there any money to be made here? And if so how much are we talking per million clicks.
  5. L

    Traffic Exchanges

    Hello not sure if this is the right category but anyhow, I’ve been using hitleaps,Ottohits and linkspy all together to direct traffic to all sorts of link shorteners and this website as well traffic2bitcoin.com. I know I’m sending hits to these websites and it should be working but none of the...
  6. V

    LosPollos account with more than 235 hits but no convertion

    Hi! im looking for advises for my account no lospollos, I cant get any revenue at all but i have a lot of hits. Here you have screenshot of my report Any advise for get revenue? I added expired domains related to porn for redirection, have a xvideos channel, with more than 250k views each...
  7. L

    i need youtube live stream bot

    I need a bot for YouTube, but NOT a simple "view bot". It should provide livestream viewers, who are constantly viewing my livestreams I thought about adding 30-50 "fake viewers" to give the stream a little boost and to rank better.
  8. 55trillion

    What will be the price of YTMONSTER account.

    Hi all, I want to know approximate price of YTMONSTER account with 75K points. Thanks in advance.
  9. Forglory

    How Can I Monetise My Content Website ( Daily 300k Unique Hits)

    I have thousands of social media accounts, pages. I have also special software. I can post my website links ( includes news, magazine, travel,world,sport etc. contents and photo galleries) in the all accounts at once and daily by using this program.I have editors who write current news and...
  10. Redrinth

    I can't find my HIT I made on Mturk

    I recently made a requester account and posted my first hit. The problem is that it's been 24 hours and I still can't find my hit on Mtuk. The status bar says "in progress" and has 0% submitted and 100% published so I assume that means my hit should be available for people to do now. What could...
  11. ibuytraffic

    Need iOS traffic - Paid daily!!

    I need someone to generate lots of iOS traffic (iPhone/iPad user agent). I'm looking to spend $250 - $300 daily for the right person. I pay via Paypal every day. Please message me if you can provide service and we'll go from there. Thanks.
  12. B

    traffic bot

    hello any one have traffic bot i want to buy so if any one have a good bot i will buy it thanks
  13. B

    adsence click exchange

    hello friends is here any gorup or community for adsence clicks exchange ?
  14. B

    Traffic bot

    Hllo i need a traffic bot if any one have ping me i will buy it thanks
  15. B

    i need traffic

    hello i need adsence safe visitors no bots no exchange websites if any one can provide please contact with me thanks
  16. E

    1.50$ Per 1,000 Website Hits W/ Over 5 Country Choices | Should I sell?

    So I have used other sites like LeakForums Etc for my service but I am using BHW Too since I just discovered it & see a lot of potential for marketing. Anyways so as the title says, Should I try to sell & invest time in selling my service? 1.50$ For...
  17. J

    Advice Needed - Traffic for torrent proxy site

    Hi everyone, I've been running torrent proxy sites since a few months now. However, it doesn't seem to attract much visitors. Most days I'm getting around 1 or 2$ from the CPM ads. Does anyone have an idea how to promote such websites? I know some people make a decent income doing exactly the...
  18. D

    Negative SEO without backlinks

    There's an article online called "Negative SEO without backlinks" which I can't link to since I haven't been active enough on this forum. The article argues that you can drop a competitor's site from top results by: 1) Overloading the server (by heavy crawling with different IPs and loading...
  19. B

    I need an seo exper who can bring website on google top

    hello i wan to buy a website for social media so now firstly i need an seo expert to who i will show some website which he will tell me which is the best for seo then i will hire him for seo to do seo for my website and his job will be to bring my website guranteed on google...
  20. C

    Need help for free traffic with custom referrals

    I am a student please if you have software which gives views with custom referrals then please give me. I have no money to buy and i need it badly. After i earn some money, i can pay you if you want. Please
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