dragon naturally speaking

  1. LJ Junior

    Forget Dragon Naturally Speaking! Try Google Voice Typing. It's very smooth.

    Many of you might have already knew/using it. Of-course, Dragon has more feature but Google Voice Typing Tool can't be ignored for it's simplicity and smoothness. Here's how to do it: 1.Go to: https://www.google.co.in/docs/about/ 2. Click On " Go to Google Docs ", then sign-in into your...
  2. placiddark

    Attempt to get Dragon Naturally Speaking 12 to say Fuck... lmao

    After recently installing and completing one training session, I thought I'd give it's dictation a try. I quickly realized it needs much more training, so tried to make it say Fuck (amongst other things). This is what I got while laughing my ass off and attempting to cover my mouth while doing...
  3. Uppa839

    Help! Need advice on Mic for Dragon Naturally Speaking Software.

    Hey guys, Quick backstory: I have been a lurking for a long long time now. I have mostly stuck to the download, adsense, offline marketing section. Day dreaming of the day when I could finally attempt my hand at the IM industry. I was planning on waiting until after uni simply because the...
  4. F

    Dragon Naturally Speaking Tips

    Hello Tried searching but couldnt find anything. Just wanted to let everyone know who is using dragon naturally speaking 2 tips that I found really helped. 1) USB mic works much better than your laptop's. Try to get a mic that has noise cancellation too. 2) Take some time to train...
  5. M

    I need to earn through AC!

    Hello there! I've been a member for a while but then I didn't earn any single cent yet. I read every posts and try to collect the methods that can be done. After deciding what to work on, I came into a goal of trying to earn my first dollar using AC! The problem is I am from the Philippines, I...
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