Attempt to get Dragon Naturally Speaking 12 to say Fuck... lmao

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    After recently installing and completing one training session, I thought I'd give it's dictation a try. I quickly realized it needs much more training, so tried to make it say Fuck (amongst other things). This is what I got while laughing my ass off and attempting to cover my mouth while doing so:

    Okay fine been ongoing this is the thing can actually be top what I dictate. It looks like I?m speaking spend sentences. Stupid flocking program needs lots of training not flocking talking not talking tracking not tracking tracking [knockback selection] [[that] fact thatu known pocket will also learn and also all and Jesus promised marriage even didn?t promise Jesus and what the bike Dragon NaturallySpeaking works embarked Dragon NaturallySpeaking ever Dragon NaturallySpeaking doesn?t get what the particular for content you could program the best pumpkin program like the one almost with the growing records and think? Fark fark fark fark fark fark fark fark fark fark fark fark fark fark fark fark fark fark you looking for is both Flock Flock Flock Flock Flock for poor poor poor poor view poop poop poop poop poop. The group?s fifth this was the group of what the hell is not what the hell movie is the groups for okay let me try saying a normal sentence think it?s pandering to voters normal sentence think it?s pandering to voters I think you don?t know what the fark am signing but back?s letter ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha day it he stupid fark are

    Weirdest sentence in the world! Anyway, back to training Dragon :p
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