double meta refresh

  1. Asgardian

    Double Meta Refresh - Blanking ref, need some help!

    So, I've been researching about DMR some time and found out that this works only on firefox and IE, is there any other way to blank your referrer that works on all browsers? Thanks
  2. S

    Affiliate double meta refresh script or reffering URL script needed

    I am in need of a double meta refresh script or something similar to it forn for an affiliate campaign I am using. I am running a current affiliate campaign and I need to be able to hide the reffering url or point it to a website of my choice. Please send me details on similar projects that...
  3. popzzz

    [METHOD] Simple Fake Referrer

    Following the KISS principle this is a very simple DMR with a fake the referrer that will never leak the original referrer for anyone that needs it. From the attachment follow these instructions: 1. Edit page1.php and change the http://my.domain/page2.php to the correct URL for your server. 2...
  4. V

    Double Meta Refresh Method

    can some elaborate the double meta refresh method in detail. i am a noob so it's difficult for me to grab the concept. It would e really helpful if i could get a detailed step by step guide that elaborates the various steps involved in DMR. I am not sure whether this question has been asked...
  5. D

    Make some fast cash using double meta refresh???

    Im a noob when its comes to blackhat marketing. i just got accepted by a cpa NETWORK and im trying to make some cash even if its a couple hundred dollars. is there anything you would suggest?
  6. X

    Double Meta Refresh Question

    First off does anybody have an updated,proven and works script for double meta refresh that will hide your traffic source?I'm going to use blogger to hide my traffic because its free. My second question is,can I redirect to google then have it go to my affiliate link?I'm using godaddy domain...
  7. I

    Double Meta Refresh or PhP Redirect?

    i want to promote a cpa offer on facebook ppc. the offer allows socialnet promotions so this won't be a problem. i do not need to hide my traffic source but i do not want my affiliate manager to see my keywords.will facebook let the keywords to be pass if i use simple php redirect? my...
  8. juice

    Does double meta refresh method work with CJ?

    If you have a site with a double meta refresh method will CJ automatically shut you down or do they not care? Anyone with experiences with this?
  9. rebbeca

    iFrame CPA - Loading Speed

    I used Cakeslice to iframe cpa offer and make another page, then use double meta refresh and finally trick them into complete the offer. However, they are complaining about the slow loading. I have inserted a text saying "Wait 5 seconds for the loading" BUT!? this is just unprofessional. Is...
  10. kharm

    DMR not working?

    I did an IFRAME Double meta refresh... but for some reason it redirects to my affiliate link. The affiliate link shows up in the address bar, not the iframe address. I'm not sure why this is happening never had that problem before.. Will the network be able to track my traffic now that my aff...
  11. B

    [ASK] Tinyurl clone with hide referer?

    Is there such a thing as a tinurly script that can be used to hold all my affiliate links AND hide the referer (double meta refresh)? Basically I just want the tinyurl script with double meta refresh. Does this exist?
  12. seikooc

    Blank Referer V2.0 - Meta-refresh DMR

    Hey guys, below is info on DMR's that you may know or not know and a solution for some traffic that would be otherwise lost. Here is the deal with DMR's that many people do not realize. With most scripts you meta-refresh to the 2nd page instantly whether or not it was blank or has a referer...
  13. B

    Double Meta or Header Location

    I have a question for the php gurus here. Instead of doing the usual meta redirect: <? echo '<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0;url=URL1">'; ?> Will this also hide the referrer? <? header("Location: URL1"); ?> or do you have to use the meta tags?
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