1. Jans12

    Question for those with experience with Reddit

    First of all ... Hello everyone who sees this post! I'm planning to grow a community on Reddit (Sub-Reddit). But I want to know if I can add a domain or link with redirect diracmenta to a CPL offer? My purpose is to mention from the beginning what the offer is about, no tricks. Sorry for the...
  2. archaikas

    Domain name Copyright - ICANN UDRP - Serious case ?

    Hello A few days ago I received three emails informing me of a trademark infringement in the domain name. I've recived official letters and screenshots of my site showing where I infringe the copyright. The whole process takes place through the "" website. I don't want to incur any...
  3. Shropdog

    Expired dom with wiki links but used briefly for casino

    I have found a £1 expired domain in my niche that has relevant wikipedia links and lots of good relevant others as well as a almost 20 da metric. The domain was used last year for casino for a few months, and has a moz spam score of 38. Is it worth taking a risk with this for a local...
  4. Dexter Kohli

    Domain Name Purchase Tips

    While purchasing a domain name, if my keyword is say, Marketing, now, would be better or would be better? Also, should I use www for a new domain? Or use the domain without www?
  5. A Jason

    BlueHost for WordPress?

    Hi guys, I'm in need of a new WordPress hosting and have been hearing quite a lot about BlueHost. What wordpress hosting would you recommend, should be relatively cheap and but also do the job? Do any of you have experience with BlueHost because I've read quite a lot of negative reviews...
  6. E

    Domaining initial Cost

    Hello bhw, Am new to the domain business. After reading a few articles about the business, I think am old enough to dive into the it. How much should I start with? Am not planing of getting into expensive auctions. I don't have that much money to invest.
  7. A

    Is low quality site related to the domian that how long we will use?

    Howdy everyone, If we want to own a site, we should buy domains from domain name business such as Godaddy. I know a high quality site is related to domain age,but I have never heard that low quality site is related to the domain that how long we will use when we buy it from domain name...
  8. F

    wow im lucky!! or not?

    ok i was searching for domian from last 2 weeks for my new video blogging site and i found one domian which inculde 3 words one "tv" 2nd movies and 3rd is number.i just bought this domian and what you think is it good? and will it be easy to get traffic?any advice please
  9. B

    Great Domain Real Estate - No Idea

    I'm not an seo, just trying to act like one. I bought great keyword variation domains for my local small business (ie: denverautorepair, autorepairdenver, autorepairdenverco). Does anyone have an idea how to use these to promote my main established website? Thank you for whatever wisdom you...
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