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    Hello bhw, Am new to the domain business. After reading a few articles about the business, I think am old enough to dive into the it. How much should I start with? Am not planing of getting into expensive auctions. I don't have that much money to invest.
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    I been domaining for over 15 years and still don't think I am old enough. market has changed so much and with so many new opportunities. There is no base were you should start. You need to have the tools, the process, and you need to develop a sense of what a good domain is.

    Join domain forums rather than joining internet marketing forums. Yes, you will get some help here, but nothing like a dominers forums for domains.

    But if helps, here is a few things you will need:
    1) Daily Source of Sales (you want to know what is the trend and some base price)
    2) Account on different auctions sites (always use different sources)
    3) Inventory management (you don't plan on buying the domains from the same site do you?)
    4) Domain Parking Accounts (some domains work better with some companies than others)

    Just a few tips, good luck.
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