domain privacy

  1. J

    A question about selling domains and privacy

    Hey guys, I’d like to sell domains probably with and I’m seeking some advice as I’m new to this. I haven’t started yet, I’m still reading how to do this and so far the whole process seems relatively easy to me but there is one step that seems odd to me. From what I’ve read I...
  2. D

    Off shore hosting/staying under the radar question

    Hi everyone. I have been doing Instagram growth for clients using automation for a few years now, it's gone pretty good. I want to expand quite aggressively though and I want to not necessarily attempt to make myself fully untraceable but I just want to make sure i'm not low hanging fruit...
  3. B

    Got emailed by

    Hi everyone, Secureserver (which is what I used when I got my domain from Godaddy) emailed me, phrasing it as if the guy was one of the users of my website. He wanted the thing he didn't get for doing a survey (like 99% of things behind surveys). Should I be worried? Do they care about CPA sites?
  4. J

    Does privatizing a domain name lower its search rankings?

    Domain privacy via "Domains By Proxy" has been activated on several domains purchased via GoDaddy. Does shielding my registrant information in this manner negatively affect my search engine page rank? Some articles indicate yes. Others indicate no. I'd post links to the articles but this forum...
  5. A-Intelligence

    [WTB] Offshore mail fowarding service for domain info

    I don't particularly want to deal with a U.S. post service mailbox, like up at a mail store, or Fedex store, or even an online-mail forwarding service located in Vegas (for example), they want 2 forms of I.D. & well honestly, that's more than a cop wants when I get pulled over for smoking a...
  6. mancunian

    Domain privacy protect domains from Google ban?

    I use domain privacy services on some of my .com domains for sites with doorway pages. Now if Google bans one site does the privacy service (eg. contactprivacy) prevent Google from seeing the domain owner and hence stop them finding all my other spam sites and banning them? I used shared...
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