domain creation

  1. Owlpic

    The BEST Strategy for choosing domain name

    Hi, I want to know the best strategy for choosing domain names. Example: Keyword1: G KW Tools gives 1000+ results Keyword1 = Variation1 + Word1 + Word2 + Word3 + Word4 Word3 = To/From/In/As kind of general words Now first about the TLDs: I am from India. So which one stands good? .in OR...
  2. H

    Choosing a domain...any ideas?

    Ok so i know a fair bit about blogging now (still a newbie though:D), but i am stumped on choosing a domain name:p. I am choosing to promote apple products however i cannot use "apple", "iphone", "ipad" etc in the domain name so i'm having trouble coming up with ideas for the domain and most...
  3. wahidpolin

    .info domain are blacklisted?

    I have heard that .info domain names are blacklisted in google so they dont have good SE rankings but many people are saying they are using .info domain names to build bulk sites and they don't have any problem with it.So what do u guys think?
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