.info domain are blacklisted?


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Dec 25, 2009
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I have heard that .info domain names are blacklisted in google so they dont have good SE rankings but many people are saying they are using .info domain names to build bulk sites and they don't have any problem with it.So what do u guys think?
No TLD is "blacklisted" by goog or any other SE in total.

De-valued, yes, very possible in the case of .info and some of those shit ccTLD's like .me and .cm, but blacklisting an entire TLD would be like the phone company blocking an entire area code just because a lot of obscene phone calls came from the area code.
As far as im concerned .info's ranking worse than .com's is just a myth.
The TLD is only one of the many factors that Google considers when ranking web pages. Some .info domains rank highly, while others don't. It just depends on how well you do both on-page and off-page SEO. For what it's worth, I have two .info domains ranking in the top 5 in Google for their main keywords, but they're both whitehat sites. ;)
IMO keyword.com will have priority over keyword.info under the same circumstances, but the .info can prevail if you do a good job on content and backlinks.
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Ive only ever used one .info domain in my efforts and it took a lot longer to get indexed than any other TLD I've used. At the end of the day its the number of quality backlinks that count. As soon as I built some links to it, all was ok.

Registering your domains for say 10 years is far more beneficial compared to registering it for 1 year as it shows the SE that you're not a spammer building quick short term websites. Not that Im calling you a blackhat spammer of course...
I also have 2 .info Domains and they are blacklisted. GOOGLE Dont like .info

take .com
I should be an Idiot using .info's to create weatlh..:) But if being an idiot makes money so be it :)
there is no a lot of sense in this allegation but usually it comes again and again into forums "info is evil"

if that was true so every bh marketer should use another tld just to look non black hatter

I have a few scores of info sites (not just satellites) and info works pretty good for me

if you'll make a big and clean project use .com just because coms are more valued than info domains

hm an interesting question, fellows what do you prefer keyword.info or key-word.com?
I think nambooooo hit the nail on the head .com will have an edge if very slight if your head to head for the same domain name. Apart from that i dont think google will value .info and .com in any different way in normal search results.

I think with .info coming later to the game and with low adoption rates people get the impression .info rank worse but its a relefection of the quality of some .info sites not the TLD itself. Also this is circumstantial but .info domain's are often on sale / very cheap leading to more .info used for low grade black hat. Like other posters i have .info's that rank well and have good PR.
But G will have a hard time to accept a .info if you do commerce with it though...
If you use it for information without selling anything, then no problem...
I'm going to be running a big experiment on .infos soon, and the following is anecdotal, but...

With the stuff I've already done is that I've noticed Google seems to index these differently in the first instance, compared to other TLD's I've got. I'm guessing there may be slightly harsher filters and triggers in their algo; but in general there seems to be more twitchy indexing triggers at the moment.

But overall I've noticed no long term difference, and I've seen plenty of .info's ranking highly, including some of my own.
Hi SunClusterz,

I would be interested in hearing the results of your test ( if your going to publish ). Its one of those things i keep meaning to do but never get round to.

I have 8 .info's and they are all in the first page in google with the keywords that I want!
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