domain authority

  1. L

    please help me on increasing the da

    Hello can some one help me and tell me how to quickly increase my website da (domain authority)
  2. kurosaki4d

    Question about HARO

    Hello there, I'm using Haro to acquire some backlinks for my site. In order for me to choose the ideal sites that will lift up my site authority and not the opposet. I'm wondering, do you look for any specific metrics before pitching to sites? Like Checking DR, etc... What kind of metrics do...
  3. J

    Link building to increase DA by google domains

    Hello guys. Recently I see too many websites with high Domain Authority and when I check them I see many google domains links like or or and etc [check the image] I am wondering how they can get many links from these google domains I am trying to do it for my...
  4. Bedazzle

    Does anyone here own a Website with DA 70+?

    One day I'd like to have my website with a DA of 70+ and I was wondering if anyone here has been able to take their domain from 0 to above 70 DA+ with actually good link-building strategy, good content and good off and on-page SEO
  5. kurosaki4d

    Question about big DA sites

    Hello BHW members :) In the process of going through a backlinking campaign, I have a question about a couple of big DA sites. I would like to know if the following sites offer "do-follow" backlinks or not? Because, lately I was under the impression that...
  6. Daniel from Linxact

    Poll & Discussion: DR vs TF vs DA

    Hi members of BHW, which off-page metric do you prefer to evaluate the SEO power of a domain? I would be interested in your opinions! I have used Majestic a lot in the past, and I like their Trust Flow (TF) metric for a rough assessment of a domain (competition and expired domain analysis). Few...
  7. diequelle

    Free German Backlinks +55 | List of free backlink portals - Kostenlose deutsche Backlinks +55 | Liste der kostenlosen Backlinkportale

    I would like to provide you with a list of free backlinks especially from German .de domains. Again and again I see postings about this and have spent many hours searching myself. :poop: Now I have compiled a list for the whole community. IMPORTANT: Create a separate email address for...
  8. arnie123

    Where to point backlinks to optimize authority gains? To homepage, pillar or posts?

    Hi, I'm about to buy some backlinks to a digital newspapers with high DA, DR and traffic. I'm not sure what's better: point the link to my home or to a single posts? What would be the difference in the authority transfer and spread? I mean, depending on where I point, can I get more or less DA...
  9. arnie123

    Do PBN services offered in this forum still work in 2021?

    Is it worthy nowadays to buy something like 10-15 blog posts on a PBN for less than 200 bucks like many of the services offer in this forum? What impact should I expect if I point those links to a blog website with DA 9? What are the odds to get caught and penalized by penguin? Website...
  10. K

    How can increase DA Rapidly

    i need my da increase rapidly if any tool or software which help me please suggest or any trick please help
  11. E

    Is DuckduckGo or TOR a threat to SEO and Google rankings?

    I have stumbled across some competitors that deny access if you are running a tor browser. I was wondering if I should do the same? I mean if I force people to use a real browser will my rankings most likely increase?
  12. E

    How to Use Anchor text properly in External and Internal Links

    Hi, Yesterday, I got a warning from Yoast SEO plugin. It was saying that I should not use anchor text that is an exact match for the keyword that I am trying to rank the current article for. For Example. My page is trying to rank for the "best computer monitor" and I was going to link out...
  13. flashsites

    What metrics are ideal from Moz when it comes to choosing Guest Blogs

    I was told high PA,DA, and low OL. But no concreate numbers. I'm working with a new dating site and have about 20k links to filter. Any notes or ideas?
  14. kurosaki4d

    Question about Backlink Juice

    Hello there, I'm currently in the process of building some quality backlinks for my site by writing guest posts to related niche sites. I read somewhere that the more links there are in the guest post the more the link juice is spread and divided across those links, so if in my guest post...
  15. SEOSerbia

    How much my domain really worth because its PR 4 and how monetize it?

    Hi! I have old and 4 letter domain and website SNAV.NET and DA is 51+ and PR is 32+ .How to monetize it or how much worth it because I planning to sell it? Thanks for any suggestion!
  16. Logical Ranker

    $ Real Links For Real Value $ Organic Traffic Rich Guest Blogs $ No PBN $ Handwritten Content

  17. shuttershades

    Free DA, PA, Alexa Online Checker [500 per check]
  18. seocrab

    Which Domain Score Metric Is Actually The Best? DA vs DR vs AS vs TF vs CF

    Read a lot of comments that "DR is more accurate than DA"? Here's some data to challenge that assumption... In a study looking at the backlinks of 100 US websites, Malte Landwehr found strong correlation between DA (Domain Authority) from Moz, DR (Domain Rating) from ahrefs and AS (Authority...
  19. Dmyles

    Is it possible to improve DA without backlinks?

    Hello everyone, Is it possible to improve DA without backlinks? If yes, then tell me how?
  20. provocative

    How can I make better this domain and rank it?

    Hi, I purchased a domain 4 months ago and I had no idea about spam score etc. I really like it and what I am doing is working with a Social Media traffic if I work hard. But I need organic traffic as well to reduce my workload for traffic and I started to focus SEO; I have several keywords...
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