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  1. M

    Need bulk DA, PA, Moz Spam Score Checker

    Hello, I need Bulk ( minimum 5000 domains) DA, PA, Moz Spam Score Checker Anyone have a suggestion? If someone knows how it is done with scrapebox, please include the steps. P.S. linkgraph and prepostseo won't work for me.
  2. kurosaki4d

    Question about Backlink Acquisition

    Hi Everyone, I'm running a second site, but without any backlinks, I'm ranking for some money pages. However, it's going really slowly. So, I'm thinking of starting doing Haro, so if I start doing it and I increase my DA site, can I stop afterwards the Haro link building without any risk? I'm...
  3. E

    My whole website post was pasted to Quora

    Today I found my whole post on Quora. Well, my post was like 1400 words and they copy-pasted 1200 of the words exactly as they are on my page. Images and everything. However, they did cite me as the source with a link. Why would anyone do this? I get that I would receive the traffic, but...
  4. E

    Does Marijuana related content hurt DA score and google ranking?

    My question is about publishing THC, CBD, Vaporizers, Grinders, etc. content on our website. Seems like these people have a hard time finding sponsored posts. Does google dislike ranking these types of articles? Would it hurt my overall DA to start excepting content that is related to...
  5. Ed Roy

    What To Consider Before Buying Expired Domain?

    I have shortlisted some expired domains. Some domains have a decent number of backlinks. Even some sites still have some visitors. My ultimate goal is to buy them and redirect ( 301 permanent redirects ) those domains to my main sites. Now, My question is: how can I know that Google did not...
  6. Ali Zaidi

    Is there any free tool for checking da and spam in bulk

    Hey, I'm looking for a tool to check da and spam score in bulk. I have been using but unfortunately now its not working. Can you guys please suggest me any free tool ?
  7. luhasr


    Majestic TF-15 $99 MajesticTF-15[/B]&currency_code=USD&lc=US&charset=UTF%2d8&amount=99'] Majestic TF 30 $399 MajesticTF-30[/B]&currency_code=USD&lc=US&charset=UTF%2d8&amount=399'] Ahrefs DR-30 $209 AhrefsDR-30[/B]&currency_code=USD&lc=US&charset=UTF%2d8&amount=209'] Ahrefs DR-50 $409...
  8. Hansj80

    How long before SEO growth?

    So with this new website I've been focusing on several things - unique content for the MS (2 blogs every week around 1000 words) - on page SEO ( your standard basic keyword research and yoast) - social media postings - turning the blog into a video for extra sharing platforms - backlinks...
  9. D

    Domain Raiting Coming Down Why?

    My website is this websites domain raiting is 4.1 but today 3.0 how?? and why
  10. Geeky Daniel

    Gaming Blog to Travel Blog - 301 Redirection, Is it Wise?

    Hello friends, I have a game downloads blog and it ranks quite well on search with 76.54% attributed to organic traffic. I want to do a 301 redirection to my new travel blog which has started showing up on SERPs for keywords I target. Is my SEO for the new travel blog safe? Will all the link...
  11. new_don

    Any free tool to check DA and PA

    Hi, i checked more than 50 websites offering free Da and PA checker but one of them are working. Is there any really free tool to check DA and PA of more than 10-20 sites per day. Kindly reply
  12. Achraf Yo

    Need Help : Why there is a big difference between DA & PA Score

    Hello, i need your explanation guys I have a new domain and i started create some backlinks, i got 6 Linking Domains as you can see So why this large difference between DA & PA ? and how to get high DA ? I created other backlinks from niche and quality website. Thanks in advance.
  13. SeedPhrase

    Domain Authority hackdomain autho

    how to increase domain authority(moz) ? Are there any black hat methods to increase rapidly??
  14. oljarose

    DA checker - "robingupta" doesn't work!?

    Hey! For 2 days robingupta doesn't work for me - it shows results like on picture below for any website. Does this happen only to me or you have similar problem too?
  15. F

    DA checker

    What DA checker works properly? I've found several, but each shows different numbers. One shows me DA 8 per domain and the same domain, other checker 17. Any relevant resources? I used thnx
  16. akshay_saini

    Good DA PA article submission websites

    Hello friends, Can anyone suggest good DA PA article submission websites with target country USA? No Guest posting only self posting?
  17. akshay_saini

    How much should I charge for guest post on my DA75 and DA55 websites?

    Been receiving lots of inquiries from various advertisers (hosting companies and review sites as well) looking to purchase guest posts with ******** links on my two websites. Here are some stats: SITE #1 Domain Authority (DA): 75 Domain Rating (DR): 70 Alexa ranking: 30.000 Language: English...
  18. Donald Silverburgh

    Moz DA Decreased Need Fix...

    Hi all, I'm working on a website, who's MOZ Domain Authority (DA) was increased to 17. But last week I observed a drop and since then, its been a week and it is still on Moz DA 16. It is not increasing. Can anyone tell me why it dropped to one place and not going up. Btw I am doing the link...
  19. Vincenzo Udinesi

    High PA/UR jpeg images: Do they help SEO?

    Hi, I have a question which I believe this great community would be interested in answering as I could not find any solution on the Internet. On a newly purchased domain, there are dozens of jpeg image files(screenshot attached) which are having backlinks and a high PA(MOZ)/UR(Ahref). Do they...
  20. gold service

    -Unique Niche Related Do follow manual blog comments High Metrics Discount Offer-

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