domain advice

  1. dream1er

    is is good for buying domains

    making this thread because no response is getting from domains section
  2. dream1er

    want to buy domain from netim

    there's a domain extension with my keyword i want to buy,for redirection purpose ,just asking is that netim is good ,trustworthy ,or .... my biggest concern is i don't want to lose it after years by some tos or so on
  3. F

    Can't believe i spent $654 on my domain name

    Hi, Last night someone was taking the piss to the max in bidding on a domain name i wanted. sadly they pushed the bid to $654. I still think it was worth it since its a .com domain which i already owned the version of the name. 2 months ago someone on 123 reg was trying to sell the...
  4. greenGabbard

    Domain Investing Tools List Please

    Can someone give me a complete list of tools for domain investing and maybe PBN's PLEASE and THANK YOU for your time, effort and consideration in this matter....and remember happy crawling....LOL
  5. J

    How much my domain worth?

    hi Gurus I own since last 5 years. Brought it on purpose of building my own social networking site but so far it is lying as a blog at blogspot. Need to know how much it can fetch if I put it on sale on Flippa.
  6. S

    Researching & Beginning 1st PBN

    I'm going to be spending the next month or so trying to educate myself enough to begin to create a working PBN for my small business. As I understand so far all it takes is one mistake and you've thrown your money away. Being that I will be building it over the course of a few months I think I...
  7. V

    .US Or .Com ?

    my main target is to Focus on USA my question is what is the more effective Domain Extension. Keyword.Com Or Keyword.US or there is no Connection with the Extension.
  8. survivorghost

    Expired domain vs New domain

    i am about to make a website, and i am totally lost between the choice of buying an expired domain or a new one. so i wonder what are the benefits of an expired domain? advantages and disadvantages compared to a new domain name? please advise.
  9. K

    Domain monetize

    Hello all BHW, I have couple of top level exact match domains and want monetize them. any ideas? Also I can do something together and share the profits. One domain have more then 1.000.000 search in a month and CPC is 3.29 Many thanks in advance..
  10. EarphoneBug

    What are the pros and cons of buying a .pro domain?

    I was thinking of buying .pro domain over a .com because it is cheaper. I was wondering the pros and cons of buying a .pro over a .com domain?
  11. stuna

    [GIVEAWAY] Stuna Domain Brandable Name Finder PRO v2.0

    Hi Guys.. Today I have decided to give away 300 licenses :) FOR OUR..BEST SELLING Stuna Domain Brandable Name Finder PRO v2.0 Allows you to quickly and easily find high quality domain names with just a few clicks. Virus Total Scan...
  12. aussies

    Changing website domain name any tips?

    Looking for input from anybody who has changed their domain name. I'm wanting to move from a country TLD to a .com to broaden the audience (plus i can't stand the domain name) The existing domain is 9yrs old with a TF15 and over 1000 hand written articles (it has huge potential). I pick it...
  13. rudrapada

    [HELP]Creating an MNS !!!

    I want to create an MNS,but is it good if I have a domain name with the extension ".me" The domain name looks quite good though,I am buying it new. Consider different things while answering my question,like SEO,visitor impression on the site etc. Thank you for answering. -Rudrapada
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