dmca takedown

  1. jingsaw

    Takedown / Dcma

    Hi, what are the options if someone does not delete illegal stolen content.Dcma /takedown has already been requested.Thanks for help
  2. MartonB

    DMCA take down my page or my competitor did requested it!

    Hello guys today my page was dispersed from the SERP this page was up for almost 1 year this page contain absolutely copyrighted content how so ever someone requested my page to be taken down off the SERP Please if anyone could help to get my page back please, how I could file a DMCA counter...
  3. I

    Dmca Content Notice Takedown

    Recently my website got deindex from google as i have some copy content in my website and i hit with a Dmca notice of content. Is their any way to bypass this or this is a permanent takedown. Thanks any valuable answer is welcome
  4. tidalrhodes

    Adult Video Site & DMCA Volatility

    I'm cooking an idea of an adult-oriented video site with a couple of fetishes as the central theme. I've got good sources for the material and the time to do the ceaseless uploading. As well as the tagging, organizing, and writing up saucy long-tail keywords, descriptions etc. I've researched...
  5. BlackSept

    Post removed from google because of one DMCA complaint, any advice?

    Hi I just noticed today that one of my post (the most visited one on my site) disappeared from google because of DMCA takedown. I used one picture which unfortunately is owned by one of my competitors. "DESCRIPTIONUsing copyrighted images of ****** without permission." I haven't recieved a...