1. Jolie-InstaMator || Instagram Android Phone Automation System

    Jolie-InstaMator || Instagram Android Phone Automation System

    Jolie-InstaMator | Instagram Real Device automation system. Automate Official instagram application
  2. razharov

    Having 15+ devices, what do?

    Hey guys! My question is that I have 5-6 android phones with their own IP (own SIM card, own internet access) and same for iPhones, I got like 5 of them too. And I also got 3 iMac and 4 windows pc (these 7 desktop devices may share ip without vpn) So my question is that, how could I make the...
  3. dadyyanki

    Help-How to know your device is infected with viruses??

    Is there any guide about Advanced virus scan for device? When we download files(movie from torrent, pdfs)it can be infected . Or there can be silent miner in device. How do you guys detect thoses viruses. (Except antivirus)
  4. tbilisi

    Unique Device Identification

    Hi guys, after a long break Im back to BHW. Does anyone have information about what Paypal uses to identify devices? I know there are bunch of ways to identify devices like MAC adress and so on... Answers will be greatly appreciated.

    Lets Talk: Device and IP Identities

    Changing your online identity back and forth is an important skill BHatters obtain through 1)Trial and Error 2)Research 3)Mentorship and Peer Reviews I wanted to create this thread so we can all share exactly what is detected, ways around it, and what we've all learned from trial and error...

    How to get mj?

    Hello BHW members. Hope you all are doing well and making good money. i am located in india and i want to ask you guys that how to get magic jack accounts without buying and installing a magic jack device? is there a way to get multiple magic jack accounts?
  7. A

    SMSpva device

    Hello. At the beginning i would like to say Hi to all of you ;) i'm kinda new here. I have a question to you. Has anybody used the SMSpva device to earn some extra money ? Is this even rentable ? I live in Poland and i can order the simcards from UK. Price for one card with shipping included...
  8. D

    Safe Device for Selling Software

    Hi. I'm looking for selling a high value software but if I do it like usually it would spread in the market, so I can sell only one time. The idea I had is making a closed device like a laptop where the software works, without network connection, without being able of putting it out of the...
  9. J

    Need to defeat browser/device fingerprinting

    Like the title says...I have read up a bit about how this type of identification works, it appears quite hard to fool. I take surveys on a certain website and even though I change my IP address, the website can still identify me. How do I beat this?
  10. JayRaby13

    Does Instagram Recognize Accounts via mobile device or IP?

    Talking about managing accounts here- I know you can only create so many insta accounts on a device- but can instagram see that your managing multiple accounts on the same device, or is it only based on IP? I'm asking because I want to set up a lot of accounts to use with a bot, but I don't want...
  11. F

    Software meets Hardware

    Hey guys, I'm not sure if this is the place to put this thread up but I couldn't find any other place thats suitable. I am looking to develop a product with embedded devices (ARM) and supported software of course to market and sell. I was wondering what kind of a device people would most...
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