1. kib0rg

    Slot casino games developing

    Hey all! Could you help me, please? I'm looking for websites, forums, blogs or courses about Casino Slot game development. Interested in RNG, dynamic math, algorithms, design and also about how to code slote games. Currently developing my own slot, but want to find the best practices. Thank you.
  2. HeavensPro

    ❤️ Heavens.Pro – Legendary Creative Studio now on BHW. Design & Websites and Bots for millionaires. Helping to reach your billion. Enjoy!

    Heavens Creative Studio[Web3 / IT / Digital / Design / Code / Marketing / 3D / Bots / Websites / CMS / Ecosystems] Website - Telegram - Order with Bot - Discord Server - Manager - Our team boasts one of the...
  3. hazzi

    How would I make a game like this ??

    I want to make this game in unity but I’m not sure how , if anyone with experience could give me some understanding as to how . And yes I did check but couldn’t find anything related to this
  4. B

    Looking for somebody who can create an AI API Chatbot

    Hey guys! ) I’m looking for somebody who can create an AI API Chatbot using LangChain in combination with chatgpt or any other LLM’s and deploy it on a website (and show me how to set it up). Let me know if this is your field and you can make this happen :) I will describe it in more...
  5. E

    Hello from Austrian project manager

    Hello, dear BHW users! I'm Eaton and I'm Developer and project manager at adult industry. I'll be happy to meet interesting people here. Especially webmasters from adult industry. We'll have an interesting topic for conversation Have fun everyone!
  6. justmeus

    How to monetize a team of 5 developers

    Hi guys! So my friend is training a team of senior and junior developers. Because they are already done with their training assignment he asked me if they could do anything. I right now have acces to their team for a few months. What would be suggested idea's where i can monetize them on...
  7. B

    Expert Developer

    I need Expert Developer
  8. davidbuttler

    Which language is best for Front end development?

    According to the stack overflow survey conducted in 2016, the best language to be used for coding is Java Script. It executes better when served with HTML and CSS because it makes the website more responsive, persuasive, and coherent. Java script is on top of other languages like Java, Python...
  9. R

    Sneaker Bot Developer

    Hey i have a bot already made for a few websites i was wondering if i can hire someone to help me develop and maintain the bot must be good at bypassing bot protection and good at python pm me for more details
  10. danforth


    Hi everyone! I am 25 yo. fullstack developer with big experience of building highload applications. In my last participated project my code handles 70k rps on two servers. I came here to find new friends and partners, exchange experience and make big money.
  11. Myst3ry

    I need a developer to develop a rolling dice

    I need someone to develop a rolling dice like the one on this website. Send your offers and previous work done.
  12. SEOWhat

    PHP programmer for one project

    Looking for PHP, MySQL, JQuery programmer for one project for my client. He needs following: " The website should be able to calculate how many solar panels it fits on your roof And it should use the geo location to estimate if the position of the roof is standing good for the sun It should...
  13. W

    Need High quality app developer

    need a p2p lending app made. please PM me.
  14. I

    How can i use my programmer skills to profit using affiliate ?

    For some time, i play with idea to create quite generic e-commerce like affiliate solution. Niche idea is specific parts of fashion products, group of people under 20. I see quite big local hype about that, how is it in US other bigger EU parts, do people just stick with amazon and similiar big...
  15. blackflags


    Please don't waste my time if your not an expert Thank you Dm for more info on the project
  16. L44B1L4

    Which platform does this site use? any suggestion?

    Please, I am confused about building my website using WordPress or build it on another platform, by the way, I am so excited about a website called and I want to know which platform do they use. Any suggestion would be appreciated. Thank you so much.
  17. BuzzLT22

    Services for artist?

    Hello all After starting our adventure in another topic. ( I would like to have advices, tips and others things about services, apps, method and plans that you can know to help an artist to grew...
  18. BuzzLT22

    [Journey] Started from the bottom and be a famous artist!

    Hello all my friends! Hope you are well! I want you to discover a new thing that we plan to do! The Idea is to develop my best friend to become a rap artist in the world of music. It's not really rap, it's a mix of rap and rnb (The Weeknd, NAV, Durk). We come from France and we don't have...
  19. Mr.Chicken


    hey how are y'all I ripped landing page recently for my work and i have also hosted it on my domain but the problem what i am facing is that i am not able to see the hidden codes in the html where i wanna out my content locker but when i open my nedx.html in firefox and when i click inspect...
  20. Lukmat

    Android Money Course - Hurry up! Last days! Sales ends!

    This is the first and last, exclusive course created for BlackhatWorld community, limited to 80 people only with real methods to earn money with black hat, white hat and gray hat method applied to Android applications. You have came here from Internet Marketing forum but this is little different...
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