1. diequelle

    Free German Backlinks +55 | List of free backlink portals - Kostenlose deutsche Backlinks +55 | Liste der kostenlosen Backlinkportale

    I would like to provide you with a list of free backlinks especially from German .de domains. Again and again I see postings about this and have spent many hours searching myself. :poop: Now I have compiled a list for the whole community. IMPORTANT: Create a separate email address for...
  2. J

    Looking for GERMAN-speaking person to make easy webstore (NO CODING, MY TEMPLATE)

    Hey I have hosting, domain, template (Porto paid version) etc. set up. Runs WooCommerce on WP. You have to add products (copy paste from, add wallpapers, add random info - make the site as legit as possible. It's pretty much a dummy website for my schoolwork. If you have some...
  3. Start Earning

    Help publishing on German Wikipedia

    I'm looking for help publishing articles (that are legit) on the German Wikipedia. Must be German, not African or Scandinavian
  4. socialmediashopper

    Amazon German Reviews for Ebook

    can anyone provide Reviews fo Only people that have real and aged account without VPN!!!
  5. SuperSuppe

    [WTB] German phone numbers for instagram verifaction.

    I need 5-10 german Phone Numbers because the app doesnt swich to other country dont know why. Please leave me a pm if you can help.
  6. plonk

    Looking for a GERMAN to join high volume, high profit niche.

    Hi, I'm looking for partners to do a offline/online JV. Looking for a German in germany, that can do good marketing B2B. I have everything set up on my side and working, but I need help to attract german businesses. The average sale is around 9000eur and profit is around 2500eur. It's a very...
  7. skruffes

    German Linkbuilding Tool

    Hi, i am new in the area of ninja techniques.. :) is there also a german linkbuilding tool available? I searched on google and here but i can't find something special. I have two problems with international linkbuilding. 1) Do i have to use english keywords and anchor texts? If yes, i...
  8. AssadBabil

    Hungry hamster came in

    Hello! I am a lonely hamster from cold country. I think many of newbies here are struggling with same issue: they can do great things. I made 100+ websites in 3 languages (german, english, spanish) for me and my clients, now I need new friends and partners to create something good together. My...
  9. J

    German SMS verification help please

    Hello folks, SO I have been lurking on here for a little bit and really loving the posts, sorry but hadn't committed to an actual account yet but am planning on it soon :) Anyway I just wanted to ask a favor of someone, I need to verify a paypal account in Germany with a (preferably private, as...
  10. L

    GERMAN Engagement Group (DM) - 10k+

    Hey! Anyone with German Instagram Accounts (> 10k) here who wants to join an Engagement Group (Direct Message, not Telegram) on Instagram? We're already 5 people. Just leave your Account Name here in this Thread and I'll add you to the DM Group! :) Greets
  11. Deutsch69

    Buying Traffic? Any Reviews? anyone have brought thier traffic???

    i am planning to buy a spot on txxx 5.9million impressions ( german *DE* Traffic ONLY ), for 850$ = 2 week I just want to know if anyone have brought thier traffic or tested it ? i am buying it just to get ( Leads ) 200 leads (Free sign up) daily would be excellent but i don t know if that...
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