1. Heiccki

    Hiring an illustrator/designer for Social Media assets

    Hi there, We search someone to create a banner for the socials of our models. The end result should look like the example attached. PM your pf and prices so we can start working together!
  2. rickaloben

    Want to hire a Creative Logo designer for a beer project

    The designs need to be really creative and out of the box concepts It is for a beer station Designs i want: 1. logo 2. mascot for the brand 3. mockups on truck trailers with our logo and skin Pls share your portfolio of your unique designs Dont need internet designs as it will be sent for...
  3. SeedPhrase

    Looking for a graphics designer [HAF]

    Looking for a graphics designer to create a vision map, check the examples attached below. DM me if you can create such a vision map, will discuss payment.
  4. L

    Website uptime/downtime

    I am looking for Website uptime/downtime, screen shot, page content change, and maybe even a status page we can embed somewhere if any one knows any tool or website like this please tell me Thank You
  5. L

    wordpress website cache problem

    Hello experts my website breaks after every 3 hours then i go to cloudways and purge all cache then its fixed i tried litespeed cache wprocket but it did not work after every 3 hours its breaks How to fix this please
  6. L

    Need some help from android developers

    I need to find the tools designers are using for mobile game wireframes and assett generation for unity Can some one please help me in this
  7. SeedPhrase

    [WTH] Illustrator Expert

    I am looking for an Illustrator Expert for a hoodie/sweatshirt print design. DM me your previous work samples or portfolio (DM only if you are free and start work right away) payment will be discussed in DM.
  8. Legit App

    Content Creator/Designer Needed - Gaming and Crypto Niche

    Hello BHW, i am looking for a designer or content creator that can provide content calendars for my pages. looking for the best rates since the content itself is easy and only requires time. This is why i am hiring someone. Pages are: - 2 Gaming accounts. mainly fortnite but willing to switch...
  9. CreativeDaddy

    Designer for Sales Thread.

    Greetings, I'm looking for a designer for my BHW Sales thread, it consists on one/two rollup banners on the highest quality. Send me a private message on BHW with pricing, eta for delivery and your portfolio. Note: Contact me only if you have a proper membership for it, anyone else will be...
  10. Bilal Raheem

    Hellow My Name is Bilal i am newbie on blackhat

    i am a graphic designer and i have experience of 2 years in it .......... if anybody interested . than talk to me
  11. developer1989

    [Suggestions Needed] My Close Friend had great Design Talent currently working for Peanuts

    I had a friend with very good talent on design skills(logo,banner,3D art, Intro videos and more). His main problem is he had No Degree and No English. He is working for a small company and working morethan 10 hours per day and making 20k rupees per month(nearly 270$ per month) Can someone...
  12. eaglehunter

    Looking to hire a good instagram post designer

    Looking to hire someone who is good at graphic designing. Specifically instagram posts all posts are cryptocurrency related
  13. O

    How to work as a Graphic Designer!!!?

    hi Guys? so I'm a graphic designer, especially brands / commercial logos, I have enough experience to design something creative with high quality my problem is I work for 7 days then I go for 3-4 months without receiving any msg! I need some help ... How can I get more clients to work with?
  14. U

    Free graphic design giveaway

    hi, i just found out on this freebie section. and i also try to give some works which i know.. i cant able to insert image so i had added in the link. banner design for 25 members no animated banners. 1 banner per member. pls see the attached image.
  15. SocialNed

    I need a designer/artist/illustrator to fix an illustration for me - $50

    Hello, Recently I had an illustration made for my website. The person did a pretty good job but I am not completely happy with it. I am looking for someone to simply refine this artwork. The composition and placement of objects does not need to change. I only need the style of the artwork to...
  16. oeconomia-unum

    I am looking for marketplace thread designer

    Any recommendations? If you are a designer please send me some examples
  17. BlackStar81

    Premium WordPress Web Development Service✅Ecommerce Website Design✅Professional Look✅Customer Support

  18. Mirkogiovannetti

    [HIRE] Designer for infographics

    I am looking for a person who knows how to make infographics similar to those of the bhw market. Creative people who send me previous jobs with the price of their work. I need a signature banner and a long infographic.
  19. I

    Looking For a Logo Designer For an Adult (Porn) Website

    I'm currently looking for someone who has experience with designing logos and/or brand marketing. My budget is around $100, or we can discuss an hourly rate. Please only respond if you have experience in this field. Thanks! - Regards
  20. cosmo89

    Looking for Designer For Web App Deisgn

    Hi, I am looking for a experienced developer who excels in tools like Figma , sketch, adobe XD, wireframming. etc. It will be a long-term work, so we work more projects and looking for affordable one. You need to be patient and well listener to understand client requirement. You can...
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