1. P

    Would you create a blog about sensitive topics?

    When looking at my browser history, I realized that I write a lot in public forums, even lengthy articles that I could monetize on my own blog. Yet the topic is mental health. If I put this on my blog and put ads or other ways to create income, I would expose myself, because for legal reasons I...
  2. RedwolfAj

    IDK what to do i'm broke need advice.

    hello i need advice and words from BHW members I used to sell game hacks(real hack not fake ones) but developers patched every codes now my source of income is gone but i made decent money from it. in the past i tried a lot to make money in seo but failed horribly. i don't have any real life...
  3. beastkay

    When to start doing your own business or work? Is it right time? How to know it?

    I'm frustrated by working for someone else so should I start working for myself? The business which will be only mine and my partners. What should I do? Should I Stop and wait for lot of things like capital, idea or team mates OR I should start by myself because I know I can do it.
  4. Ecodor

    Is this end for me > ?

    Well I don't know where to start but I feel very depressed, like most users which dont make a bank from IM but trying hard at it. (i know that feeling, but this is not that) So i started my career with computers at very young age and still at it, currently 23 years old. BUT i am starting to feel...
  5. Unvirginator

    Changing My Life Habits/ Depression Battle

    hello everyone, well since i saw similar posts i am doing such a post myself (mostly for me ) feel free to read/ignore/judge or whatever u want i just want somewhere to write what i will write below and besides <3 BHW <3 no other forum came in my mind... Well my Name is Ardit 23 years old on...