1. Starblazer

    Amateur archaeologist found enormous treasure trove of 6th century gold in Denmark

    According to the Vejle Museum, where the horde is due to be displayed, Ole Ginnerup Schytz had just acquired a metal detector and was walking the fields when he came across the gold. Some 22 gold objects which weigh just under a kilogram, dating from the sixth century, were discovered. Jelling...
  2. F

    Need casino links Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany and Japan

    Hi, I am looking for guest posting for casino links. Countries: Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany and Japan DR30+ Organic traffic 1000+ Sites with gambling and business/finance/general related content Please respond via PM. Thank you!
  3. J

    Trustpilot reviews

    Hello. We're looking for about 25 x Trustpilot review in Danish language. Which won't be deleted or marked. Please leave a forum private message or skypé.
  4. B

    I needs Denmark website rank 1st page

    I needs Denmark website google dk rank 1st page. Needs .dk pbn, contextual and other dk backlinks. i need google top page ranking my website. My budget 1500$. Anyone help me?
  5. A

    Danish article writer

    Any Danish article writers?. Im from Denmark myself, but Im looking for article writers to do blogposts in Danish. Hit med up with a price per post in Danish (4-500 words )
  6. p3d

    Looking for people from Denmark

    Hey guys. I am looking for people from Denmark to do some busniess. If you are from Denmark, or knows anyone from Denmark, please send me a pm.
  7. P

    Can anyone recommend a cheap Windows VPS in Finland or Denmark?

    I'm searching for cheap Windows VPS servers in Finland or Denmark. If anyone knows or can recommend please do.
  8. P

    Things that impress me.

    Watching my youngsters grow every day, people that can walk on their hands, this board, to mention a few. I have been trying to establish a living of the internet for a while now, but never had any real success and I was about to drop the whole thing, when i stumbled in here by chance, all i...
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