I needs Denmark website rank 1st page

Apr 30, 2017
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I needs Denmark website google dk rank 1st page. Needs .dk pbn, contextual and other dk backlinks. i need google top page ranking my website. My budget 1500$. Anyone help me?
If you ask the danish Julemanden nicely and provide him a fine tip, he might make your wish come trough and place you first on google.
Or you could do some research on BHW on how to rank your stuff.
I think you could do it for cheap. Buy articles in that language through fiverr and make web 2's with that articles and link back from those web 2's to your website.
if you interested pm me i can help. i got some experience with Scandinavian market.
You can try posting this under the Hire a Freelancer section. You may be able to find some good amount of people who can help you. You may also opt to hire a content writer to get you going with your content.
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