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Things that impress me.

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by phr34q, Jun 1, 2008.

  1. phr34q

    phr34q Guest

    Watching my youngsters grow every day, people that can walk on their hands, this board, to mention a few.

    I have been trying to establish a living of the internet for a while now, but never had any real success and I was about to drop the whole thing, when i stumbled in here by chance, all i can say is, :eek: you guys seem to have it nailed down and I'm really glad I stumbled in, SO many great ideas that one can use!

    But back to what I'm supposed to be doing in this thread, introducing myself..

    Well, I'm just a guy from the tiny country called Denmark, 32 years old, young, whatever, I know my way around the internet more or less, been here for a bit more than a decade now, running boards, dating sites etc, at the moment I got 2 boards that are a bit over 12k members each and a new one from Feb. 2'nd 2008, which will hit 1100 members today I hope, don't remember the amount of traffic on the bigger ones but the small one has about 3500+ unique hits per day or so, they are all warez boards and I'm submitting links every day, traffic is increasing too, whatever makes a buck really, errrr yeah, well, thats about it for now I guess.

    Here to learn and if things go well, teach others..

    Cheers and hey thumbs up for making this cool board
  2. artagnan1978

    artagnan1978 Newbie

    May 3, 2008
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    Hello there,

    and welcome to the forum and to the community.

    I am sure that you will enjoy your stay.

    If you want to learn, you have came to the right place... teaching others - that's a good thing... that is what a forum is all about... helping each other.

    Make the most out of your presence here.

    Kind regards,