debit card

  1. bestspinner

    Crypto debit card withouy kyc

    Now that paywithmoon is no longer work, any other alternative???
  2. K

    Merchant for prepaid (visa/mastercard) cards

    Hey there, do anyone know merchants that willing to cooperate with such model? We are speaking of decent volume as well, around 50k and more monthly.
  3. speedie

    [HAF] I will Rent Your Stripe Account

    Hey guys, I have lost a significant sum of money to the fact that I still haven't found a working credit/debit card payment processor for my business. My business model/niche is lead generation and web design. It's been like this since 2018. The whole pain, loss, hassles, financial instability...
  4. J

    Robinhood Card

    Is there anyone here tell me how to cashout robinhood card ?(virtual card) . I've tried using the cards for buy some egift cards . but my order always got cancel .hmm
  5. Nw_Work

    What is cheapest merchant standalone payment gateway not linked with other providers?

    Looking for a merchant payment gateway that accepts cc/debit cards with no monthly/annual fees simply the standard commission per transaction model with no payment volume requirements.
  6. Josh Saga

    Looking for VCC Provider

    Hello, I need a supplier of VCC's that works with Ahrefs $7 trials and other $1 Trials I purchase around 10-15 per week so I'm a recurring customer I also hope you can provide a VCC that can pass Semrush trial So basically, you can provide a VCC of $1 balance, $2 balance, and $7 balance I...
  7. 247VCC

    I want to know about bank physical card shipping

    Hello guys i need help I have bank in US Chime. but i want to ship card another address and name also different other than account holder So it’s possible? Let me know
  8. R

    USA virtual payment card with us billing address?

    Hey. Is there anyone who knows where to get a virtual US card with a virtual billing address for a none US citizen?
  9. smmpanel

    Need a Non-Prepaid Debit/Credit card in my name

    I Need a Non-Prepaid Debit/Credit card in my name for 1 time payment.Can anyone help please?
  10. speedie

    Which Debit/Credit Card Payment Processor do you use?

    Hey guys, So which credit/debit card payment processor do you use? Please I need just anyone that doesn't require merchant ID. And it should be open to merchant/digital marketers globally and not be stressful in document verification. No country discrimination. Just global solution to accept...
  11. survivorghost


    While trying to find a solution to google ads account suspension, I found some people saying that USA google ads account do NOT accept bank account as a payment option. even tho the option is there, the payment will not be accepted. And maybe that is why my accounts get suspended whenever I try...
  12. emvam

    Paypal credit or debit card

    Hello guys, My prepaid card is linked with my paypal and i'm using that paypal account only for making payments thats it, but the problem is that i can't save my paypal account with merchant billing system 'coz its asking for credit or debit card. Without this problem everything is working...
  13. jason212

    Wirex and Bitcoins

    Hey guys, do you have experience with Wirex? Do you use the card of them? Which way is better? CPA Network > Electrum > Wirex or CPA Network > directly to Wirex
  14. 2ndChance

    ★★★ European PayPal Account ★ MasterCard ★ IBAN Current Account ★ Online Access ★ Kraken ★★★

    ★★★ European Fully Verified Aged Stealth PayPal Account ★ European IBAN Current Account ★ Online Access to Send/Receive SEPA and Wire Transfers Worldwide ★ MasterCard to Withdraw at ATM ★ Tier-3 Verified to Buy CryptoCurrencies ★ Best Offshore Banking Alternative ★ Lifetime Support...

    Paypal Problem Pals

    Hello everyone again. Respected memebers of bhw. Please tell me similar merchant companies like paypal, not complicated, easy to use and easy to create an account and can receive payments from u.s.
  16. Z

    Virtual credit card (VCC) - coinizy alternative

    Hi, I am looking for a virtual credit credit like it is offered by "coinizy". There is no ID or verification needed for a deposit up to $2500. Unfortunatly coinizy has ongoing maintenance. Do you know an alternative? Thank you!
  17. H

    Need High Risk Merchant for Online Casino and Bulk Prepaid/Debit Cards Vendor

    Hello Fellas, I'm interested in high-risk payment processor for an online casino located in eastern Europe, and also Debit or Prepaid cards (Visa/MasterCard) vendor. Do you have some recommendations? Thanks.
  18. S

    Dating Affiliate Program

    Any Dating Affiliate Program that pays affiliates via card i.e. money gets deposited in your visa debit card?
  19. W

    anyone tried raxcard or excash to withdraw perfect money?

    Anyone tried raxcard or exkash to withdraw perfect money?
  20. sgd

    Which CCs can be used on Facebook for Farmed Accs?

    Hi guys, I am very new to affiliate marketing, and I want to start by advertising my things via Facebook, but the problem that I faced is even not farming Accs but getting right Credit(Debit) Card in bulks in order to run my ads. 1. I started to think about Prepaid Visa or Mastercard which can...
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