ddos attacks

  1. D

    Attention blackbook interferences!

    The DeepWeb social network 'BlackBook' has been subjected to a DDOS attack in the following regions: West US, South China, and North Eastern Europe. It is predicted that users who are taking part of Black_Hat_Linux 's competition are being tracked. The sanctions legally cannot last for more that...
  2. M

    WANTED: Neg/BH SEO Gun to Catch Neg/BH Tactics!

    One of our sites was recently attacked by DDoS and neg SEO (spammy BLs) and I'm looking for a neg/BH SEO gun to work out who the culprit(s) are, and/or help us refine our short list of possible suspects. ALSO, regardless of the neg SEO research/analysis we would also like to have the same gun...
  3. Meloman

    Aweber got hit with a ddos attack Today and yesterday !!

    This is just to let you guys know that Aweber is down and any subscriber signups are not working. This happened yesterday as well but it only lasted a short while. This one has been a lot longer. You can get updates on Aweber twitter page. UPDATE : They said they have a ddos team working on it...
  4. lancis

    [INFO] Namecheap primary DNS is under DDoS Attack

    FYI If your domain is unreachable they suggest to switch to DNS V1 temporarily. Here is the status of the issue: http://status.namecheap.com/?p=7309
  5. S

    DDOS attack advice

    A client of mine was attacked starting at 9:00 a.m. pst on Christmas Eve. The attacks crippled his site. We found out that it was done by one of his competitors. Wired Tree was able to get it under control somewhat but he has still lost thousands of dollars. The attacks are still happening and...
  6. pwolly

    DDoS attacks - No Host Cares?

    Jebus Fhist - OK so DDoS and other similarly annoying attacks are a pain in the ass for even the big guys but they have the money and resources to deal with it! Why the hell does every host I go with not give a sh!t about my site? I have managed hosting and my site has been down for 30...
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