dating offers

  1. dezin

    Need some good suggestion in promoting Dating CPA offers

    Hey, I am new into CPA, I would like to work on CPA dating niche. I tried some method of marketing in some free dating platforms but failed to get leads. Can anyone suggest me blogs, case study or authentic tutorial where I can learn a-z? I have already lost good money which I saved to learn...
  2. dezin

    Suggest Some CPA sites on Dating Niche

    Hello, I am new in CPA, and interested to work on Dating Niche will really appreciate if you guys suggest me some good networks for the affiliate program. Thanks in advance
  3. Whateverest

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  4. Eric Lass

    Any Dating offers Advertiser Here?

    I'm behalf of CpaBestOffer . want direct Dating offers Advertiser .is anyone interested. we have fraud detection system also have reliable affiliates .
  5. iloveubanij

    [Question] Can I use youtube for dating offers ?

    I'm having some sort of teasing videos and I want to use them they're not at all nude ones but they're hot so can I use them on Youtube to bring the traffic and will run dating offers on that domain ? Any suggestions please let me know.
  6. pulok

    How to promote dating offers for free 2017-18?

    hey guys,i want to promote dating offers for free.i find out some way like chatting in different adult site.But no one agree to compelete my which way i should present myself and how i should ask them or what scenario should i describe or what should i do to make them create a account...
  7. pulok

    Make money from free dating site?

    hey guys i have some account in dating site.there r so many people who message me there any way to promote cpa offer to them.i cant promote dating offer as i join cpa network(adwork,cpalead,cpagrip) not for a long time thats why they don't give dating offers to there any...
  8. ByOffersCPA

    What traffic sources are forbidden for dating offers, and which are desirable?

    Every day we receive lots of questions from publishers among which the most common one is: what traffic sources are allowed for the particular offer promotion in dating niche. The most important word in the previous sentence is PARTICULAR offer! Though there exist certain general sources...
  9. Wiidoux

    What's a good conversion rate for a dating offer?

    I just have been accepted into a cpa network and im plaining to start with Dating offers .. I want to know what Conversion Rate should be good for Dating Offers (I know that it varies from one offer to another, but I'm looking for a general rule of thumb) any one here has exeperience with dating...
  10. julianthr

    My first $500 in 20 days w/method from here and scaling! CPA & Adult Videos

    Hi! Im Julian. Im from Argentina and I apologies for the bad English :) Im relatively a newbie. I had been trying a couple of things now, but I never withdraw $ from my online business! Until now! :) I had posted a thread a couple of weeks ago that was properly deleted by te admins because...
  11. R

    Looking to join as an affilliate in any network which has more dating offers.

    Hi, i am looking for cpa networks which has more dating offers with net 15days payouts. recently i joined in a affilliate crossing network and made around 400 signups in just 13days. but the payout is very less. So canone suggest me best CPA Network.
  12. T

    Does anyone have any ideas or experience with this?

    I have been playing around with blogs for a few years as a hobby , but last month I decided to take it seriously and try and make some coin. I started a new soft core adult blog , no porn , just hot chicks. And to my surprise, with very little actual work or back linking, google , bing , yahoo...
  13. jackerz

    Make money with Dating sites!

    SO! This is my first thread EVER! I'm kind of excited,and just wanted to share something that converts relatively well. FIRST You Will Need -A Dating affiliate account paying $5/free sign up (easily findable on google) -2 Gmail accounts or any email service that has auto-responder settings...
  14. fauxhawk

    Cheapest website developer

    I NEED CHEAPEST DATING SITE i need worker from manila philippines contact me on skype thanks
  15. P

    Sign Ups Needed for Free Dating Site

    I need REAL sign ups from the US, UK, Can, Aus, NZ for my FREE to join adult dating website. I do not desire to be banned from my affiliate network. I am willing to purchase them at a reasonable price. Can anyone assist me or have any suggestions?:cool:
  16. C

    Best VPN For CPA Dating Offers

    Hi guys, love the forum. Anyway, I decided to enter into CPA recently again, and was wondering what were the best VPNs used for dating offers. I ask, because using some VPNs (like SecurityKISS free) is ineffective for signing up on certain date sites. Admittedly, I am not too knowledgeable on...
  17. T

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    Hi guys ! HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013 ;) To start the business well, we suggest that you start taking care of your Mobile traffic, since 5-20% of your visitors come from mobile...Still interested ? Affil4You is certified XBIZ 2013 Winner for "Mobile Affiliate Program of the Year" We monetize your...