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Does anyone have any ideas or experience with this?

Discussion in 'Blogging' started by thepeoplespoet, May 31, 2015.

  1. thepeoplespoet

    thepeoplespoet Newbie

    May 31, 2015
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    I have been playing around with blogs for a few years as a hobby , but last month I decided to take it seriously and try and make some coin.

    I started a new soft core adult blog , no porn , just hot chicks. And to my surprise, with very little actual work or back linking, google , bing , yahoo, and a other search engines started to pick it up and send me decent traffic every day. The blog has about 45 posts , mostly just hot girl pictures ripped from tumblr , pinterest , etc.

    I just by dumb luck found a simple formula that seems to work and I have multiple top 10 and top 20 google rankings for adult key
    phrases and keywords, in fact , according to my stats , its thousands and thousands of adult related keywords and phrases, and it increases by the day.

    it serves up over 1000 visitors a day after only a month , and an average of 10,000 page views a day and climbing. Seems pretty good for a new domain name and a new blog but any way, heres my issue...

    The blog makes money , actually chump change from exoclick, it averages about 1 dollar a day which again , for hands off , do nothing in a month sounds great but here is where it gets interesting.

    because of the side bar on all posts and of course ads placed in the content , the blog delivers 45,000 ad impressions a day with x amount of clicks which of course varies every day.

    With the kind of traffic I have already , I figured with 1000 real visitors and over 10,000 page views from those visitors visiting multiple pages , i should be able to make some decent pocket money with adult dating offers and affiliate offers such as dating guides, how to get women , pickup artist stuff , etc.

    So far I have had bonga cams , chaturbate , crack revenue , i friends , and three click-bank dating guide offers that are targeted to the content.

    600 click bank hops - no sales on supposedly high converting offers.

    Massive clicks to all these free sign up cam sites listed above that are supposed to pay $2.50 for each free sign up - 0 sign ups - 0 money.

    This blog was built manually by hand and continues to be built that way and continues to grow, but I am having a very hard time believing that all of 100,000 visitors that have been to this site in the past two months and I haven't had one sign up for the free cam sites , no click bank sales, no revenue from anything but exoclick.

    I'm pretty positive that the cam sites are skimming so I am going to remove them , but I can't understand the no click bank sales , i am approaching over 1200 hops a week and its coming up goose eggs.

    Can anyone recommend an adult site program that actually converts and actually pays a buck or two for the efforts , I am considering just selling the site on flippa but i got a lot of work in it and I wanted to see if anyone knew of better paying and honest programs.

    To test my theory of the skimming I sold an seo link package to a guy who loved it and did verify that he is getting a lot of traffic from my site and it is in fact human traffic and real visitors.

    this site is only a month and a half old and with these numbers already I would certainly think I could at least make 5 to 10 bucks a day off of it hands free.

    But so far , just the chump change from exoclick which is about 35 dollars.

    Are there any legit , converting adult offers out there anymore or should I just call it a day.

    Thanks in advance my brothers for any advice or program recommendations.