1. Comic

    Question / Advice needed

    Hey everyone, I have an idea for a new database I want to work on. I need datafeeds though. I''m ok paying for a feed as long as it has high quality data. The two merchants I'm mostly interested in right now is and Walmart. Possibly Costco data. I'm curious if anyone knows how...
  2. B

    CJ to Woocommerce - Help a Newb Out

    Hey ya'll, I've been trying to figure out how to bulk add an advertiser's products to my Woocommerce based WordPress site but I'm getting nowhere fast. I know there are plugins that are supposed to make this easier but can't seem to download the right file or figure out where to upload things...
  3. T

    How To Cloak Affiliate Links In Bulk?

    I would like to know how to cloak affiliate links in bulk in Wordpress? I want to create affiliate datafeed blog from .CSV file. I need to cloak all affiliate links there. Is there such Wordpress plugin that allows to do such or web tool? Thanks :)
  4. macpaulos

    Who's an excel wiz???

    Hey Excel guru's, I have a small problem that I'm becoming impatient with. I've got a datafeed from Ticketmaster and it's a pain in the a$$ to deal with. The feed is layed out like this EVENTName | VenueID | other info The venue id is a set of five number, on another CSV Ticketmaster give...
  5. macpaulos

    Datafeed mashups

    For those people who use datafeeds for their sites, are you importing them one at a time or are you mashing them together?? If your answer is the latter what process are you using? So far I'm only able to mash them together manually due to different networks formatting their feeds differently.
  6. K

    What can I do with Datafeeds?

    Hiya, what can I do with Datafeeds from CJ or share@sale? I tried all night to post them on google base with no luck. Any tips or Ideas would be great, PM if you would like. Im in need of something free to use. Thank you
  7. ranga

    {ASK} How to fatten "thin" datafeed driven affiliate site

    hi, I am promoting a couple of datafeed sites using affilistore but these are thin affiliate sites with only content being added which is given in datafeed which is very less and would be duplicate also. this makes it extremely tough to rank and index in BigG. Is it possible to make these...
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