{ASK} How to fatten "thin" datafeed driven affiliate site


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Aug 9, 2009
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I am promoting a couple of datafeed sites using affilistore but these are thin affiliate sites with only content being added which is given in datafeed which is very less and would be duplicate also. this makes it extremely tough to rank and index in BigG.

Is it possible to make these sites fatter or what strategy to follow or tools to use which create fat affiliate sites which gets indexed and ranked fast? Should I use wordpress for launching these sites?

also, Is there a way to add social networking and / or bookmarking scripts to these sites


any ideas guys


Content, content,content.

a few 400 word articles should do the trick.
thaxz deadeyesopen

but isnt there a way to add content to each page by scraping the web like kida review site which could be made partially unique using automatic script so it passes google manual review


Check out Popshops. I started using that a month or so ago..
Theres an option in the premium pack which allows you to do word replacement. What I did was to manually add 20 to 25 words which I saw appeared in alot of those datafeeds and replaced them with alternate words.(Its automatic..so that when new items appear..their text is also automatically changed based on these words) This made alot of the datafeed content unique.
I'm not yet sure on the effect these had as I'm letting the sites age a little before I start backlinking them.
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