data recovery

  1. R


    So, In short I lost my mobile and I uploaded the back up to my google drive of my WhatsApp last time in January, and now i just found my mobile and when i install the WhatsApp again after formating my phone (as it wasn't unlocking I forgot the pswrd of my mobile, so i formated my mobile) its not...
  2. nickZ

    WhatsApp help if you can please

    Guys I need is the story in short 1 year ago I was working with a partner, it ended up badly him stealing money etc. and in addition he was sending me threatening messages and video over WhatsApp. I did not replay and have instead deleted them and block the guy. Now he is suing me...
  3. I

    Which is best social media network?

    Give me a best social media network to join with that.
  4. I

    How Does Twitter Author Gets a Simple Bird name "Twitter"?

    How Dose Twitter Author [Dick Costolo] Gets a Name "Twitter".?
  5. W


    My Name is David Watson. And I am work for WS Data recovery Software related company. WS Software Will Helps you to back recover your lost data in simplest way.
  6. glhawkins

    Data Recovery from a Formatted Hard Drive

    In a hurry, I accidentally formatted a backup drive of mine, and was wondering if anyone knew of a good reputable Free program that can recover at least 80% of it? Thanks
  7. DarkMagicianOfChaos

    Data Recovery Tool For Reformatted Hard Drive?

    Hey all, My wife's computer just crashed and she lost all her data and she's freaking out (pics of kids and stuff on there...) Do any of you know of a data recovery tool that could recover the files? She's already reformatted it. She downloaded something but I couldn't find a crack or keygen...
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