data collection

  1. vigyavan

    What data is collected from your phone by Signal vs. iMessage vs. Whatsapp vs. Facebook Messenger ?

    WhatsApp: Phone number, email address, contact person, rough location, device ID, user ID, advertising data, purchase history, product interaction, payment information, crash data, performance data, other diagnostic data, customer support, Product interaction, other users, content, metadata...
  2. L

    Looking for an expert who knows how to collect all new registered domains on a daily basis.

    Hi! Happy New Year to all! Looking for an expert in data collection. I want to collect on a daily basis all new registered domains with the following endings: .com, .net, .info, .us, .biz, etc.
  3. L

    Need to collect all new registered domains on a daily basis.

    Hi! Happy New Year to all. I have a question regarding data collection. Is it possible to collect on a daily basis all new registered domains with the following endings: .com, .net, .info, .us, .biz, etc.?
  4. S

    Email Scrapping/ farming

    Hi, i am looking for anybody to farm email addresses for me- i am looking for email addresses for hotels and restaurants/ hotel and restaurant buyers. i have got a list currently of around 5k contacts i bought on here scraped of my social media following but i am looking to grow this...
  5. P

    Affiliate business without collecting DATA

    Hello and thank you for your help! I want to start an affiliate business in my country(Europe). But here we have some problems with GDPR(data protection). Everything is unclear! We have also GDPR consultants that were fined(large sum...). How can we make an Affiliate business without collecting...
  6. WPWingx

    Hiring BOT Creator - Simple BOT for Data Collecting

    Hello, I need a BOT/ Browser Extension to collect data from Website Sources Page, like view-source: BOT/Extension will collect Data/Number only in this Format: "number":0123456789, from the source page & provide me only...
  7. lebphant0mx

    Where To Get SMS USA Data?

    Im looking into SMS marketing and i have a very solid platform (cant share source on this forum) I was wondering if anyone knew how i can buy a bulk amount of SMS data ? I know that theres data brokers that can provide this but i was wondering if anyone can recommend a company. Im looking to...
  8. Maverick1111

    How to scrap's data?

    Hello, Is anyone has Data, or is anyone know how to scrap the data from, I am looking for flat sellers contact numbers. Thanks.
  9. I

    Looking for someone to help with collecting emails from Twitter and doing email blast

    Hello, I run a digital music marketing company and I want to increase our clients. One of my strategies is email marketing. I am currently scraping sites like Twitter for artist's emails to use in email campaigns through gmail/mailchimp, etc. I am looking for someone who can expedite this...
  10. InnovativeSEO

    Court Rules: Accessing Public Information is NOT a Computer Crime

    Good news for anyone who uses the Internet as a source of information: A district court in Washington, D.C. has ruled that using automated tools to access publicly available information on the open web is not a computer crime—even when a website bans automated access in its terms of service...
  11. D

    Need help with data research/scrapping

    Looking for help getting contact information for WAGS (wives and girlfriends of ballers (professional athletes in the USA)). We would like to gather as much of the following info as possible- First and Last Name Instagram User Name Number of Instagram Followers Phone Number Email Address...
  12. Z

    Sample Test Data Generation (within US)

    We are a tech company based in SF. We would like to welcome any person to participate in a simple data collection task for us. The data will be in the form of a verbal/written assignment. Requirement: - English is your native language. Instructions will be provided. Pay: $100 (one-time)...
  13. PixelSoul

    Journey to $4,000 a month

    Hello, I've been an occasional lurker here. I decided it's time to join up and what better way to start posting than to keep a diary of my currently in progress journey to $4,000 a month. How I plan to do this I have a lot of experience in scraping and developing websites, databases, managing...
  14. P

    Anybody from China who could Data mine for me?

    I want the list of jewellery purchaser and gemstone purchaser from China who are into this business. Their email ids and phone number...
  15. iAhmed

    How can it be useful to have too much data ?

    I can extract too much data of Facebook profiles from pages/groups and filter it according to: - Birthdate - Mobile number - Email - Country (Location) - Account language (that the user sees facebook with) How can it be useful for me ? Can i sell it ? and can i sell the emails or numbers ?
  16. najo10

    I've got some trickier eBay questions.

    I need some help, and perusing Google and various forums hasn't panned out yet. 1) I would like to know what data eBay's API can reveal about a seller. Can bots dig up hidden or private information that a third-party could use to investigate or unmask an account? 2) What tools/methods can be...
  17. A


  18. M

    Lead Generator Wanted

    I need someone who can generate leads and has experiance with Kali Liniux
  19. ElisaDataBroker

    Hello BHW!

    Hello I'm Elisa! I've been working on a bunch on black/grey/white projects but right now I'm 100% into data monetization. I'm looking to buy (and sell, of course) any user data you may provide but especially web browsing activity, device IDs and email address MD5s, both for desktop and mobile...
  20. Comic

    Data & Scrape assistant

    Hi there, I'm looking for someone to assist us with our weekly and sometimes bi-weekly inventory spreadsheets. It's fairly easy work but you must be very accurate. You must have the ability to scrape data, pictures, and prices. This data is placed back into our spreadsheets. We will also...