custom avatar

  1. S

    Custom Avatar?

    Hello everyone :) How do I create a custom avatar? I like my photo better! Thanks Scott
  2. N

    Can I get a MOD to enable custom avatar option?

    Greetings Boss Mods. Can one of you kindly enable custom avatar option on my CP? I have the required amount of time and posts. Thank you in advance. Niche
  3. I

    How do you get custom avatars in these forums?

    I've been looking around the User CP but only see the option to disable avatars or use the predefined ones, but how do you add your custom url?
  4. FatherCarbon

    Custom Avatars...

    I may just be overlooking it, but I can't find anywhere in the Edit Avatar section of the CP to set a custom avatar.. What am I missing?
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