ctr increase

  1. Eternalman

    The min CTR to be successful in blogging

    Hey, guys what do you think is the least CTR necessary for a post to be successful? I have a few posts, that bring in the most traffic, but the title seems quite similar structure-wise to the other posts that almost don't bring in any traffic. I know there is a lot more at play here than just...
  2. HenryObi

    How Do You Improve CTR On A Page Getting Zero Clicks Despite Ranking Well

    This specific keyword gets thousands of impression as you can see and the actual position is between position 8 and 10 not the 11 seen here. For context the keyword is actually a difficult with top 3 occupied by Wikipedia and two other similar site, while the next position is occupied by...
  3. M

    CTR Microworker Network wanted

    Hey guys, we are looking for someone who has or can name a site / platform / network, for CTR Microworker. We need clicks and views for our website to improve the ranking. We don't want to talk directly to the microworkers, we just want to tell them what we need and then pay them, everything...
  4. M

    Microworkers wanted for CTR Manipulation

    Hello all, at this point we are looking for an absolute specialist. It is about the following: We need Microworkers for our website to provide us with CTR Manipulation. We need to increase rank and visibility of our pages through CTR Manipulation. We are only interested in CTR botting that...
  5. M

    Specialists / Plattform wanted for CTR Manipulation

    Hello all, at this point we are looking for an absolute specialist. It is about the following: We need someone, a freelancer, a platform or website to provide us with CTR Manipulation. We need to increase rank and visibility of our pages through CTR Manipulation. The quality of the bots / IPs...
  6. bitrexF

    How to improve your click-through rate - Fast tips

    If you want to improve CTR then you should concentrate on these factors: 1.Implement structured data 2.Use long-tail keywords 3.Write optimized meta descriptions 4. Write creative title tags 5.Localize your content 6.Improve your website speed Why CTR is so important an how you can improve it...
  7. benj_pirate

    Facebook 279 clicks <> My website 37 visits -- What is wrong ?

    Hello all, I'm running ads on Facebook for a month now and I see lots of incoherence between the number of clicks and the number of visits on my site. I know that a 50% drop is frequent, but believing my numbers, I'm converting only 10% of clicks in actual visits on my page. I will attach some...
  8. Elker

    How to get more CLICKS on SERP's?

    Question in the title :) I'll read all Replies.
  9. BlueBuzzy

    Buttons or Text Links? What Works Better?

    I know it largely depends, but I thought I'd ask - what worked better for you in terms of CTR? Thank you :)
  10. SeedPhrase

    CTR does't help you be ranked? PROVEN

    please check the image Mine impression is on million but is not getting clicks, how to increase CTR? any suggestions and feedback would be highly appreciated...
  11. homy

    Adsense CTR

    hey everyone ! plz what's the best methode to get high CTR on google adsense !!
  12. S

    Does an Auto Click Bot Work?

    Hey guys. Do the click bots or other services that click on your site or in my case a google map listing actually help increase rankings by increasing the ctr? or is it just rubbish ? If someone knows of a good service please let me know (only if this method works) Thanks!
  13. D

    Adsense RPM and CTR problem

    Hi, I just found on the other thread, their Adsense Page RPM is $11.2 and their CTR is around 4.2 I am having a problem with mine. My CTR is 0.88 and my RPM is $0.13 anyone can help me how can I increase my rpm and ctr? Thank you .
  14. Mcshizzle1016

    Need very specific YouTube package each week

    Hi all, I'm looking for a YouTube service that offers the below for a certain amount a week. 1,000 YouTube Keyword Search Views based anywhere from UK, US or Europe* 50 YouTube Likes, based from UK, US, or Europe 50 YouTube Shares, based from UK, US, or Europe 25 Added To Playlist, based...
  15. the gent

    Confused !!!! how to reduce CTR

    Hi Guys, So I'm working on a blog 4 weeks now, and I'm seeing on G console a VERY high CTR, I did I quick search and I found that this will cause me a Google Hammer, is there a way on how to reduce CTR ??
  16. jul3s

    [CRO Tips] Make more money with existing traffic

    Do you own a website and have some traffic? You should make more money. It’s that simple. ‘But HOW?! I’m focusing 99% of my time and money to get MORE traffic! ONLY more traffic brings more money.’ WRONG! Small tests/adjustments on your site could bring higher CVR, CTR, .. = more money, money...
  17. nxtkg23

    How to find trending FB Product Ads?

    I am setting up a drop shipping e-commerce business and am looking to find the latest products people are selling. I want to be able to drop ship those products as well while it is still a trend. Give the customer what they want :) Is there and software, website or tactic on being able to...
  18. SonaBG

    Pandabot alternatives

    I am searching for other click bot such as Pandabot but for clicking on url which I am adding in the task. For example I need the bot to search for keyword which I want and click on that facebook/twitter URL which I want. Pandabot or Userator ckick on the 1st domain which is...
  19. Cnotey

    The Future of Advertising is Here - Skyrocket to 18%+ CTR

    The Future of Advertising Skyrocket Your CTR to Over 18% With Rich 3D Media Advertisements Watch the Video Below Check Out Our Demo's Here ​ FAQ: How Do I Purchase a Package? Please contact me on Skype before purchasing in order to clarify which package meets your requirements. The...
  20. M

    Inteligent Increasing CTR software

    I need software that can increase CTR naturally. If you seen, the URLs after clicking on results in google results , have some encrypted data that i think calculate from IP,computer properties,user agent and ... . Is there any software than can click on specified link in SERP from specified...
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