1. deathass01

    {Help} Mass Twitter Account Creator

    Hey Guys, does anyone know of a tool that allows you to create twitter accounts? I already have AutoTAC, however, after 6 accounts, every time it fails to create any more, even when I change proxies/information for all the accounts to be made. Does anyone have any experience with this? Thanks
  2. pauloric97

    There is an easy way to create INSTAGRAM account?

    There is an easy way to create account without instagram android emulator? I'm using BlueStacks and was so "easy" I thought, someone has another alternative?
  3. gtothem

    How to create lots of Twitter Accounts

    Hey guys, Just finished a little tutorial on how I create tons of Twitter accounts. Hope you can get something from this: Youtube link: Tool: Twitter Supremacy
  4. FireSoftLimited

    [GET] Alpha access to PBNC - Private Blog Network Creator - 15 spots

    Hi Guys, As some of you remember I ( were developing PBNC (Private Blog Network Creator) at my free time, after a while alpha version of PBNC is ready to tests and for bug searching. PBNC is software which will help you to create own private blog network. Now with few click you can start...
  5. A

    Catapult your Mailing List for up to 500% with a Popup Generator Tool (BHW Coupon)

    I wanted to let you know about the latest innovation that we're working on.. It can help you to grow your mailing list more than 10x faster. And it only takes a few seconds.. What is Popup Architect? Popup Architect is a tool, which makes it super-easy to collect your visitors emails (leads)...
  6. Majin95

    Programmer needed for a Product Creation JV. (I already launched 2 products successfully)

    Hey guys, I'm looking for a talented programmer to join me on this product creation JV. I would first like to point out that i was already doing a JV with an awesome programmer but he had to leave because his offline company was growing really fast. We were on a good start, with NO JVs, NO...
  7. T

    Any Twitter Creator, Instagram Creator and Follower Bot ?

    Twitter Creator, Instagram Creator and Follower Bot. Anyone ?
  8. Y

    I need a way to crack captcha's for use on a free twitter mass account creator

    Hi guys, i need a way to crack a standard (coloured text) captcha, i intend to use this on a free twitter account creator that i have stumbled across (its the best i have seen and its free) i will share this website with the person or people who can tell me how to crack captcha's for free.
  9. M

    Twitter account Creator bot or web based

    I need a Twitter program/script to create accounts. SIMPLE! proxy support, able to spin images, bio, location etc. email verifier. i need this bot to do everything i dont want a half program i want something that is ready to go! i will respond ASAP PM Me with prices and offers..
  10. B

    Hotmail & Amazon account creator anyone??

    Hi, I am after a hotmail account creator and a amazon account creator similar to a hotmail account creator to be able to register quickly and easily not having to fill in the data one by one. Willing to pay. Thanks Bullet
  11. A

    Youtube Genius Dead?

    Hi, I just recently logged into my YTG account to find that it wouldn't sign me in. I tried to go on their site but that is also down. Whats going on ? Also the reason I didn't use the program for quite some time is because THATBOTPROGRAMMER didn't get back to me after several attempts of me...
  12. T

    Question about TweetAttacks and TweetAttacks Account Creator

    What I had in mind was making a bunch of fake accounts with the TweetAttacks account creator, or buying a couple thousand fake accounts, and using them to follow people, and sell like 1,000 followers or something. What I need to know is whether or not you can do this with TweetAttacks. Is there...
  13. kytro360

    Is a Twitter account creator in demand :/?

    Hey, Ive been making a Twitter account creator for a while now and I am just about done. I was wondering if I should just keep it to myself or if there is demand for it? Im getting a little bummed cause I worked hard on it, but its not as flashy, and not as automated as TweetAttacks AC (mine...
  14. E

    Is there a Youtube Account creator that just creates the accounts?

    For example I input my own email adresses, then it makes and verifies them on the email? thank you!:)
  15. E

    [REQ] Gmails Account to add youtube username bot

    I have a list of gmail accounts and passwords, and when I login to youtube, each one requires that I add a username to it. Is there a bot out there that I can just load my gmail accounts and then load up a list of usernames I want to add to each and then it will combine? Thanks
  16. BigBadWolff

    Youtube Account Creation Method

    This is a easy way to by pass all the SMS verification Crap and create multitudes of youtube accounts. Simple steps 1.Open firefox browser 2.Click on tools 3.Clear browsing history 4.Make sure "site preference is cleared as well" MOsT IMPORTANT STEP!!! 5.Close down firefox browser 6.Open...
  17. manakill

    need a yahoo mail creator

    Does anyone have a good yahoo mail acc creator? manual captchas are ok, I only need a couple hundred accounts
  18. SEOMagic

    Attn. Professional Website/Programmer Needed to Help Create New System!

    Hello BHW, BHW has always been good to me, so I want to give some of our members a chance to work with me and my team on this. As the title says, I'm looking for a Programmer, and website creator (Pro), who can help to create a new system with us. More About the System: There's a new program...
  19. lamlam

    Youtube Account Creator- Changing Web Images

    Hi. I am making a YouTube account creator when I ran into one problem: In order to get the captcha, I need the url. Unfortunately, the url links to a changing picture. Once all the bugs are worked out, this will be free for everyone to use!! This is what I have: For Each webImage As...
  20. S

    Powerful Automated Gmail Account Creator

    Purchase Link: Trial Version: The most affordable Gmail Account Creation software available. There's no need to spend lots of money on other Account Creators...
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