[GET] Alpha access to PBNC - Private Blog Network Creator - 15 spots


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Apr 27, 2013
Hi Guys,

As some of you remember I ( were developing PBNC (Private Blog Network Creator) at my free time, after a while alpha version of PBNC is ready to tests and for bug searching.

PBNC is software which will help you to create own private blog network.

Now with few click you can start creating private blog network, with PBNC it is going to be very easy task to create, grow and maintain whole network.

During tests lots of test blogs were in indexed by Google in matter of hours, achieving top positions for a lot of long tail keywords (from 1-20 days).

In Alpha version you will get:

- registration on 5 platforms (over 50 domains supported)
- posting to own hosted Wordpress sites
- article posting
- email creator
- email confirmation
- captcha support
- proxy support
- proxy scraper (multi threaded)
- proxy checker against supported sites
- POST/GET engine (so it is fast)
- TBS for registration and posting
- spintax for registration and posting
- auto generation of data
- pinger with custom hosts
- account checker
- cloud computing
- and few more things.

I'm looking for alpha testers of PBNC. There is much more coming along with some A-Bomb feature which will be announced on public release day.

PBNC should become next-gen SEO software, which will help you achieve highest rankings on SE's, to do that PBNC will be supporting a lot of new features which are computed in cloud on our own racking servers. All this just to make sure that quality and value is top notch.

PBNC will be available on sale on BHW with special lifetime discount, estimated release date is June/July 2014 (it is just an estimation as still lots of platforms has to be added, along with a lot of new features and support for 3rd party services (captcha/spinning)).

I have only 15 spots for alpha testing so please make sure that if you're requesting key, you have time for tests and to send feedback to me.

All alpha testers will get huge discount.

Top 5 alpha testers will get lifetime license. (top = most active)

I appreciate your help and support as I want to include corrections to found bugs in new version, release is scheduled on 25/05/2014.
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It was about time that someone came up with something new lol.
If you still got a spot to test, count me in!
I'm willing to test in exchange for lifetime licence.
I would love to try out PBNC. I was thinking of making something like this in uBot but it's so buggy.
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