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  1. janist


    You may know me from the popular PBN guide that helped a ton of users on BHW with their own PBNs. Now you can seize the opportunity to get links on our regular PBN network that caters to the following niches: Business / Tech ; Lifestyle / Entertainment ; Health. AVAILABLE PBN PACKAGES...
  2. neOtron

    ⭐⭐ Self Hosted Multi Blogging ( PBN ) Platform ⭐ ⭐

    Important Note : You will need your own VPS for this. We will install all the scripts on your server and manage it. Self Hosted PBN Platform : Easily & Affordably Manage Hundreds of Blogs using One System. Say Bye Bye to your Damn slow WordPress installations and Plugin security Headaches...
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    The (SEO GENICS) Providing PBN Backlinks Service in 2022 With Powerful Links!

    The (SEO GENICS) PBN Backlinks Service 2022 with powerful links DA 20 to 30
  4. The Data Scientist

    Where To Buy Good Expired Domains?

    Dear BHW members, can you recommend an expired domain seller here on BHW or an external one? I need domains for a new high quality PBN. Sincerly, The Data Scientist
  5. Kanye West

    Monitor Hidden PBN Backlinks Pointing To Competitor's Domain

    Hi BHW, is there any tool to check for hidden backlinks pointing to a domain? I mean inbound links coming from websites which block ahrefs via htaccess. My competitor is outranking me but his backlink profile looks weak in ahrefs. He is probably using a pbn. I appreciate any answer. Best...
  6. clientica

    ➡️ Homepage Links ➡️ 8 OBL | Up to DR60

    About us: Brand Clientica was born as a result of 15 years of website development and search engine optimization experience when I and my team went to ThemeForest marketplace and compete with one of the strongest digital agencies in the world. We got 6,000 clients as SecretLab brand on...
  7. harrywilliams

    [ADVICE] Web 2.0 PBN vs TLD PBN - Which is Better in 2021?

    The content in one of my blog niches is highly educational, but there is almost few IN ARTICLE backlinks even for the Wikipedia pages. So, almost all the blogs in my niche is lacking quality backlinks. But my competitors still manage to have manual backlinks from many different resources (I've...
  8. flexpaydude

    ⚡Adventurous Niche PBN⚡ | ★The relevant hunting for SERP hustle★ | DA upto 40+| RD upto 1000+ | Handwritten articles | SSL blogs

  9. GSERP

    ▶️POPEYES' Spinach Private Blog Network◀️Choose by Niche, Unique and Hybrid Pack⚡Boost Your SERP Now ⚡Power Packed PBN for 2021⚡✅Discoun...

    1. What is your turn around time? Our turnaround time is normally between 5 and 10 days. If there is a delay we will contact you and let you know why and when you can expect the work to be completed. 2. Do you provide reports? Yes. We will email detailed reports once the PBN link has been...
  10. hamzashaik

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    Email: [email protected] Skype: hamzashaikh498
  11. Rank Feed

    ❤️The OATH Powerful PBN links ► Homepage Placement ♐ High DA Blog Posts ✔ PBN Links ✔ 100% Quality Links For Affordable Price

    Contact Information: Skype: rankfeedseo Email: [email protected]
  12. worldnetwork

    ❤️ Powerful PBN links ► Homepage Placement ♐ DA 50+ Blog Posts ✔ PBN Links ✔ 100% Quality Links For Affordable Price.

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  13. we1

    ⏩ Premium PBN Building / Setup Service ⚡ Build Your Empire ⚡ High Authority Domains + Hosting ⏪ Starting from $39

    What is the process of this service? First of all, we cannot provide this process over a website form because a lot of information is required. So you need to contact us via PM, Telegram, Whatsapp or Skype. *You contact me to discuss your Niche/Keywords. *I look at the domains for you after...
  14. W

    Expiring domain poaching, based on list?

    I have a list of 400k domains that I would like to monitor for expiration and then pick it up last minute. Is there a tool that can do this?
  15. Ryan Oak

    ✅Premium Limited PBN✅RD Up To 2520✅DR Up To 43✅Low OBL✅Manual Work✅

    BHW Special OFFER! The prices shown above are available for BHW members! Reply in the thread "BHW DISCOUNT." Contact: [email protected]
  16. goflippa

    ✅★▶️These Links Pack a Serious Punch!✅Aged Domains ★ Alexa Traffic Blogs✅Affordable RD/DR Links Pricing✅

    We get it — sometimes you want to speak straight to the source. To speak with us about our PBN links service, feel free to PM or Email us: [email protected]
  17. Rank Feed


    Contact Information: Skype: rankfeedseo Email: [email protected]
  18. SEOSage

    ⚡⚡ ShowTime Blog Posts++ ▶️▶️ Smart Link Building Approach⭐⭐AVERAGE DA/TF/CF:15+⭐⭐Starts @ $1.97◀️◀️

    USE LAUNCH COUPON CODE BHWTIME FOR THE OFFER PRICE --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please Post If Coupon Does Not Work & Look For the Last Post In The Thread For Additional Bonus/Discount Details, If any...
  19. GTRZ

    List of PBN Footprints to Avoid

    Open for Discussion. Let us know your suggestions and add things that you consider, any pbn builder must avoid. Also, make sure to download the PBN Cheat List Duplicate SOA Records Crawlers and Spiders Blocked on All Sites Too Much Unrelated Content Too Many CDN Hosts No CDN Hosts Poor Site...
  20. Digicept

    [List] 2100+ Expired domains with strong links from major news sites.

    ✅ 2,100+ FREE expired domains with links from Wired, Business Insider, Vice and Washington Post. We scraped 4 massive news sites and found 2,100+ expired domains that are currently expired and available for anyone to register, that have 10-300+ referring domains. Plenty of powerhouse gems in...