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  1. shadow5

    Cheapest Hosting Services for PBN?

    SO... what are we all using for our PBN hosting nowadays? Namecheap is obviously cheap. Hostgator isn't too bad. What other shared hosting companies are you guys using?
  2. ClintN

    Fight Back Networks

    Hey does anybody know if Fight Back Networks is still alive? I paid a monthly subscription to them and nothing, no account log in details. I sent an email to the address for FBN listed on my PayPal receipt, but still radio silence from them
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  4. Leith

    "PBN LINKS NOT WORKING!!!!" -- A Beginners Checklist

    For: Beginners Private Blog Network Links Without doubt, PBN links are one of the easiest ways to rank. I mean, who wouldn't want rankings like these after building a few links? Anyone who claims PBN links don't work anymore have no idea what they're talking about. In the last 2 months...
  5. ZhenSEO

    Should i build my links (in marketplace) to my PBN? or MoneySite?

    Hi guys, new to the forum but have been doing quite a number of research on ranking and PBN. I understand that there are several services offered for linking building in the market place and they claim it is of High Authority and so on. The question is. Since they are blogpost of high...
  6. Finn

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  7. pisnami

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  8. G

    PBN - Would love to use one! Let me know!

    Looking to get access to a PBN and get some links on one. Would love to hear if you guys have used any that have yielded great results. Let us know :0
  9. fullyniche

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  10. wsw030211

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  11. C

    Expired domains with Chinese content history

    Hi, I scraped some authority websites in my niche and gathered a bunch of expired domains. These are mostly defunct small businesses. Metrics look like this- DA 20-25 PA 30-35 TF 0-10 CF 5-15 RD 10-20 (mostly editorial links from authority sites) No backlink spam (Moz and Majestic) No anchor...
  12. cmghostbuster

    To build PBN's is necessary to host in worlwide hostings or you can host them on local hosting?

    Hy, I want to try create a small pbn. I have 6 domains and i want to host each one on a different hosting account. So 6 domains , 6 hosting accounts, 6 dedicated ips. The problem is that i want to purchase this from the same provider ( because it's cheaper) and also it's a local hosting...
  13. fullyniche


  14. R

    Looking for Reasonable Expired Domains tools recommendations

    I want to know about the tools which can give information on TF and CF, backlinks, www/non www, linking pages, also which enable me to find domains through keywords.
  15. justmeseo

    Im the new guy ... not so new guy. [worth reading]

    Greetings everyone, you can call me SinbadtheSailor, I am an old member or a famous forum called the warriorforum (I am not advertising anything btw), I have a Degree on Computer Science, and I am a SEO/Marketer/Co-founder of two solid start-ups. I would like to tell you a little bit about my...
  16. vishyjames

    The Ultimate PBN Footprints Checklist

    In this post I will list every PBN footprint that is out there. I don’t believe Google has any other footprints that they can use other than these. Follow these and you will build a rock solid fortress around your properties! PBNs are a powerful way for doing SEO and still work like crazy...
  17. Rob White

    PBN Content Question

    I have a question about the amount of content on a PBN - someone said to me recently that uploading more content to an existing PBN won't make a difference and just the one homepage article on a site (with the relevant links) will give you all the power you need. Would this not raise a red flag...
  18. 530inc

    How much for Adult PBN Links price?

    Hello, I'm curios what would be a good price to pay per link on an adult PBN with aged domains (3-4 years) and metrics like TF/CF at least 15, DA of at least 15 on in the adult niche (according to the data I found on majestic). Thanks, Ov
  19. TheGreene

    PBN - Private Blog network !Users!

    In the past months, after FRED Update shafted my website I lost all my motivation for Internet marketing for 3 months. I completely took a 3 month break lol and Im back.. Are PBN's still working for you? Also how long do u wait when you make the PBN to outbound link to your money site? -- Matt...
  20. vishyjames

    The No-Nonsense Guide To Building Your PBN in 2017

    ****************** UPDATE Please see the one favor I am requesting from all my fellow BHW friends - at the end of this post. Hint - if it happens, I'll reveal a hidden secret no one has openly spoken about. ****************** In this massive guide I will teach you how to setup your own...