1. R

    And another NEW Variant Discovered Today...

    Just today, detected in France and scientists named "IHU" . This has 46 mutations. Wondering how are scientist arriving on these names - alpha, delta, omicron ?? It's like they know about this from...
  2. jem001

    This cant be real!

    Just came across a post that went viral but its tagged to an account with 1 billion followers. The post has over 100k reactions so can this be legit? The one who posted only has 40k followers Here's the post And here's the profile And here's the one who posted Can someone explain to me whats...
  3. Queen Heidi

    The crazy thing you LOVE

    Everybody has about crazy things in their life which makes you fun, love, or addiction to it! :mad: That's a ballooooooooon in my life! :p:p:p I love balloons, I addicted to it... It makes me crazy when it surrounded by me :D:D:D What's yours? let's share the craziest thing you love...
  4. Determined Diva

    10k coaching? Really?

    Hey everyone I hope it's going great with you guys. I am a little baffled as to the price tag of $10,000 per coaching package from marketers. Last night I came across an advert asking me to sign up for a $10k course or an installment payment method of $997 a month for 12 months. What does one...
  5. KarenMiller

    Viral videos guaranteed to get into the explore page

    If you run an IG in a genre that would pick up any followers from having a viral animal/crazy/shocking video hit the explore page, keep reading. I run an IG w/60k followers and produce original viral videos of a very unique animal. My videos always hit the explore page, and regularly receive...
  6. L

    World's Most Insane Rope Swing Ever!

    Have you guys seen this yet?
  7. L

    Hatchet-Wielding Homeless Hitchhiker Takes Down Man Claiming To Be Jesus!

    Has anyone heard of this crazy story yet? It apparently happened several days ago. His name is Kai and this needs to be auto-tuned!
  8. N

    Google finally went crazy !

    "Make Money Online" ranked on #1: seriously ??? A blank page. Lol thats what i call quality content ;-)
  9. Thub15

    Is this a insane comment for one of my vids?

    no, you're right I can't seem to do it
  10. omenfiz

    Crazy Blogspot????

    PLEASE help me why this f****ck blog have pagerank 5 ??????????? OH just have < 10 Article please told me if this blog using Blackhat technique??what is that??? this make me think article not important again here the address
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