crawl issue

  1. th_rich

    Placeholder titles/desc, until page loads - Too slow for crawling, so indexing placeholders - Advice?

    Note: I'm not the web dev on this project, but I oversee it. So I do my part to help where I can, shine light on what can be improved, and do all the SEO research that I suggest to the team to implement. So our website ( have titles that change once the content is loaded...
  2. Guybrushthepirate

    Sudden increase in "Crawled ‐ currently not indexed" URLs

    As per the title of the thread: suddenly a number of URLs that were previously indexed are now marked in the Google Search Console as "Crawled - currently not indexed". The content is unique and good quality (over 1,000 words, with videos, images and proper internal link). It started right...
  3. hims.000

    (Disucussion) I have Enable Bot fight mode on cloudflare! now what will happen??

    Yesterday somebody send a huge amount of fake traffic to my site. Than i enabled bot fight mode . My question is there any problem on indexing new post on that site. I think google bot also facing problem to crawling my site. Should i disable it ?
  4. mainceaft

    G search result returns nothing after I Crawl it with curl !

    In short I'm developing g SERP crawler I use PHP function curl to grab it contents , but it's only return empty string nothing like the connection can't be done . The weird thing that I used same broxy I on my brwoser and the SERP page were showing like usual , BTW I use curl function to grab...
  5. SeedPhrase

    how it's possible??[Google went banana]

    I've kept some posts as a draft(not yet published) but that's showing in search console.....and showing the last crawl yesterday:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes: not published articles getting crawled how? any idea guys???